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Here you are able to browse the my blog Protect Your Nest Egg in Retirement posts by category and hopefully find losts of useful information to help you with your retirement plan and retirement income protection.

Protect Your Nest Egg ion Retirement does not offer financial advice

I am not qualified to provide financial planning advice. What this site does is present things you should think about when trying to protect your nest egg in retirement. Much of the information is not easily available as the financial industry endeavours to present a story of long term investment returns where you should not be concerned about market downturns.

We’ve have two major market downturns since 2000 and each had a devastating affect on people who retired just before or after those events. Losing 30-40% of your retirement nest egg is no fun. Being told to sit tight and wait for the market to come back, when your retirement plan is to rely on retirement income is rubbing salt in the wound in my view.

Protect Your Nnest Egg in Retirement Can Help protect your Retirement Income

Protect Your Nest Egg in Retirement is a blog dedicated to giving you information that might help you avoid a third serious loss to your retirement nest egg.

Please take a look around Protect Your Nest Egg in Retirement and use my contact me page for any comments or comment directly on the post.


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