How Much Do I Need To Retire?

Do You Know How Much You Need To Retire?

If you don’t know, it is in your interest to find out well before you retire. Then you can set a savings goal to achieve your plan. How do you go about do this. A new Kindle eBook , “How Much Do I Need To Retire?” written by Todd Tresidder, a financial mentor and coach, that provides some great information on how. The book is an easy read and is part of his 60 minutes series.

How Much Do I Need To Retire

This Book will show you how to answer the question

I have read the book and written a review on it which is on the Amazon Kindle page of, “How Much Do I Need to Retire?” The review was immediately placed second under the “Customer Most Helpful Review” Section by the Kindle people who vet these things. You can read my review by clicking on the link, ” Three Simple Models To Secure Your Retirement“. It will give you a great insight into what the book is about so you may decide if you wish to purchase it.

I can recommend the book because I think it lays out a plan based on three simple models which you can read about. Relying on asset appreciation in retirement is a trip to nowhere and you will be at the whim of the markets. What you need to do is plan to save enough of your income and invest it wisely, to grow it to the point where it provides you with enough income to live on, in retirement, then you will have achieved your goal. It sounds trite, but that is what you must do. Anything less and you will have to rely on your government, your family or charity.

Todd does not provide investment advice in his book. It concentrates on one thing only, telling you how you can plan to create a retirement nest egg which you can then use to generate income for life in your retirement. The capital accumulated should not be touched, at least in the early years of your retirement. This is the only way you can hope to be above market volatility and economic cycles. Assets must generate income and automatically adjust for inflation.

It sounds like a lofty goal, but assuming the whole world doesn’t go into an economic melt-down, it is the only way you are likely to be financially independent in retirement.

So take action now and get, “How Much Do I need To Retire?” on Kindle. The book is available on Kindle for only $4.99.

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