Retirement Exit Strategies

I came across a site called Boomertirement today. It is supported by the Million Dollar Round Table organization in the USA. This particular site is aimed at helping Baby Boomers take action on all financial matters related to their retirement. As stated on their web site:

“Taking Any Action to Better Prepare for Retirement is Better than Doing Nothing

  • Pension terminations.
  • Longer life expectancy.
  • Decreased personal savings rates.
  • Potential shortfalls in government programs.

As Baby Boomers near retirement age, these and other factors have created a looming crisis. Many could be left with a fraction of the income they need – and have come to expect – for retirement.”

The Summit included many speakers highly knowledgeable in financial matters to do with retirement. There are several videos on the site, a couple of which really brings back home to us Baby Boomers what we need to know and take action on.

I like the video of the presentation by Michelle L. Hoesly titled, “Exit Strategies for Retirement Savings #1“. She talks about one of my pet topics which is the dangers of using reverse dollar cost averaging in retirement to provide a pension. She also talks about three ideas to help increase the likelihood of your nest egg lasting the distance.

It’s a great video and should give you plenty to think about. She is also a financial planner and probably well worth investigating to see if her philosophy extends to Rule #1 Avoid large losses in retirement.

This video is relevant to all Baby Boomers anywhere in the world with a nest egg to protect and manage.

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