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Hello to all the Baby Boomers in Australia that have visited this blog today. I hope you find it informative and useful. You probably got here after reading Annette Sampson’s article in the Money section of the Sydney Morning Herald.

Please take the time to read the About Me so you may know more about me and what I am trying to do.

This blog is aimed at all Baby Boomers all over the world who are in retirement or just about to retire. it is not a blog for investment advice though.

The blog aims to help Baby Boomers protect their nest egg in retirement and reveal to them all the ways their nest egg can be taken from them when in retirement.

It’s all about capital preservation and cost minimization. Returns should be secondary and a pleasant surprise. Remember its not the fact that markets go up and down that hurts in the long run in retirement. Its by how much they go down that can destroy your retirement nest egg. In the USA Baby Boomers who retired in 2000 lost up to 40% of their nest egg and were told to just hold on – everything will be fine ;-( By 2007 they had recovered most of their money only to be whacked again. And remember many of these Baby Boomers didn’t retire or returned to the work force in 2002 to replenish their nest egg.

Whilst much of what I write is based on research in the USA (mainly because there is so much more information about retirement) a nest egg is the same wherever you are. Fees and Charges are very similar. The stock markets are not de-coupled as much as people think. Inflation is unevenly distributed but still affects us all wherever we are.

When you begin retirement you are in the short run. You have to get a few good years of returns to get you into the long run. If not as you draw down a pension, pay high fees and watch as inflation devalues your capital, your nest egg will need massive returns to recover your capital if you lose it – or you will have to go back to work.

The Wealth Manager either don’t understand that decumulation of a nest egg is much more difficult to do that accumulating it, or they prefer you not to know. Reverse dollar-cost averaging will send you broke very quickly if the market moves against you in retirement.

It is unacceptable to me to be told I will just have to stop taking a pension if my nest egg suffers significant losses because of a flawed Buy and Hold strategy in retirement. Rule #1 in retirement is to avoid large losses.

So please take a look around the blog and learn the math of a retirement nest egg. If you are close to retirement or in retirement it is time to visit your financial planner and do a thorough review of your investments and develop a strategy on what you want your financial planner to do for you. There is only one instruction – Rule #1 Avoid large Losses to your nest Egg in Retirement.

You’ll find plenty of information on this blog about how to control a meeting with your financial planner and what tough questions to ask.

You will see I am a member of the prestigious Forbes Business and Financial Network. I was invited to join after being contacted by Sharon Gitelle at Forbes in the USA because she liked my blog. So I hope you will too.

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One quick plug for my eBook which I wrote after months of research for information about how to manage a retirement nest egg. At less that $10 it is good value simple explanations of things that can eat your nest egg in retirement and heaps of links to web sites that give you objective advise and help you take control of your nest egg.

What Every Baby Boomer should know about Protecting their Nest Egg in Retirement

Thank you for stopping by. I would welcome any comments or suggestions that can improve the blog and the information I provide.

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  2. Rita says:

    Hi David,

    I lived in Sydney for a couple of years in the late 1960s. My oldest daughter was born there. I really liked Australia. The people were so friendly. I’m glad you received coverage in The Sydney Morning Herald.

    I write a boomer consumer blog called The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide at


  3. admin says:


    Yes, they wrote about my WRAP Account experiences. It generated a lot of interest in Australia and bumped up my visitor count considerably.

    I have visited your great Blog on several occasions.


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