Baby Boomers Thank you for the great response

In my last post I asked for some feedback on whether this blog was proving of value to Baby Boomers because it is not an easy niche to get visitors. If it was “weight loss” or “how to make money” the story may well be different.

But I chose the niche because I wanted to get Baby Boomers to be better informed about the need to protect their nest egg in retirement when their primary source of income has slowed down or stopped.

Today when I checked my blog stats I still didn’t see too many comments 🙁 but there was a significant increase in visitors 😉

Thank you to all those that showed their support by visiting my blog. Please keep spreading the word by using the ShareThis and Email It icons at the bottom of each Post and let’s make sure our nest eggs are there for our benefit and not to pay for the lifestyles of the wealth management industry.

Some changes to my Blog you might want to know about

I have reduced the number of tags that appear in the Tag Cloud because it was getting out of hand.

I’ve added Clipmarks because they allow me to “clip” part of a post or article I think is important and place it on my blog.

I am using Clipmarks to capture items of interest to do with my tightly focused blog, Protect Your Nest Egg in Retirement. You can click on the blue title and it will open up and display some small clippings of an article or post I thought was worth adding to my Blog. If you want to read the whole article just click on the web page URL next to the word “from:” and you will be redirected to the full article or post.

If you want to comment on the clip you can click on the little speech bubble to the right of the word “from:”. The number next to the speech bubble is the number of comments already received.

Yesterday I decided I would add BlogRush. This widget as it is called displays rotating content from other BlogRush members. Unfortunately it has the broad classification of financial and business, so may display some content that is not relevant to my blog. It may also display information from blogs whose philosophy I do not share about retirement planning. If I locate these I can remove them from displaying in the widget in future, but it takes time. I will review it in a few days and see if I want to continue with it. The benefit to me though is it can bring more visitors to my site because my posts will be displayed randomly on other people’s blogs. But I do not want to compromise the integrity of this site. So if it looks like it might do that I will stop doing it immediately.

Let me know if you believe it is compromising the site please.

You will not see any Google Adword Ads on this blog. This is because I cannot control what Ads are displayed very easily. I cannot try and persuade Baby Boomers to use Stop Losses for instance if at the same time a Google Adword Ad is advertising Buy and Hold methodologies.

The last thing I want to tell you is I have a new blog called Retirement Calculators. I intend using it to review and comment on the many retirement calculators on the Internet. Many are there for one purpose only – to get people to visit their site and maybe give them their email address. Many of these retirement calculators are dangerous in my view and could send you broke if you use them for retirement planning. My first post is my own simple calculator for my report “What if You Retired in 2000?“. Please take a look and please comment on it. I should have an RSS feed for the blog in the next few days so I can deliver the Posts to you if you want to read them.

Keeping the site information in line with my stated objectives is my first priority.

Thank you for read this post.

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