Retirement Planning with Free Kindle eBooks

Retirement Planning is Expensive

Go see a financial planner and ask them to put together a financial plan for you. You are likely to be charged a minimum of a few hundred dollars and maybe not understand much of what is in the great-looking report they provide. These days if you can take the time to do some simple research using Google you will find lots of free information, which you can use to have a meaningful and rewarding meeting with a financial planner. Going to such a meeting armed with some knowledge based on your research is the best way to get “bang for your buck”, rather than a “canned” report. I am not saying use Google in place of your financial planner. I’m just suggesting if you spend a little time educating yourself, it will lead to a better outcome.

But even Google research can be tedious and sometime unrewarding. The aim should be to prepare yourself to ask serious questions about your retirement plans from your financial planner. There is a better way to prepare yourself and with little cost  to you using Amazon’s Kindle eBooks.

What are Kindle eBooks?

I hope I am not teaching people to suck eggs here, but there may be a few readers of my blog who do not know what Kindle eBooks are. Skip this paragraph if you know. 🙂 Kindle eBooks are electornically downloadable books. If you have a Kindle Reader they can be downloaded onto it so you can read the books anywhere. If you do not have a Kindle device you can install some Kindle Reader software on your Windows PC or Mac and read them on your computer or notebook. This software is free to use too.

Go here to download the FREE Kinder Readers:

 Kindle for PC

Kindle for Mac

Kindle for Android Phone, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Phone 7

Just click the appropriate link and download and install the software. When you order an eBook you open the Kindle Reader just installed and it will sync with Amazon Kindle and download the eBook to your Kindle Reader. It is that simple.

Most Kindle eBooks are much cheaper than the printed version and so this makes them veyr attractive to purchase. There are some restrictions on their use though. The authors can limit there distribution so even if you pay for a book and download it to your Kindle Reader or PC, you cannot give the electronic version of the book to a friend to read (unless you give them your kindle). There are some options to allow unlimited or limited sharing however.

There are two main benefits to you when downloading Kindle eBooks. They are cheap and they can be downloaded to your PC, your Mac, your Kindle reader and be availabel on any one of them at any time.  

Retirement Planning with Kindle eBooks   

Retirement Planning Kindle Selection

How to Find Retirement Planning Kindle eBooks

 Just go to the Kindle eBook Store and type in Retirement Planning and you will see displayed hundreds of eBook titles. Kindle will display a list of eBook availabel in your region. The link I have is for Australia by default. Yours will reflect your location.

Look Inside Any Kindle eBook on Retirement

Another great feature is “Look Inside” the Kindle eBook before you buy or download it for FREE. This feature allows you to browse the first 10% of the eBook to see if it is of interest to you. Most Kindle eBooks include a Tabel of Contents which often gives you great insight into what the book content is about. Plus the 10% often runs through the first chapter so you get a good idea of the author’s intent with the book.

Like most low-cost of free items people take advantage of it and try to game the system. I notice some of the eBooks on Retirement Planning for instance are only a few pages long. Taking a look inside I can see they are sometimes of little value too. However there are still many eBook that are of considerable value.

 Even if you pay for an eBook you can obtain a full refund. But note that Kindle will remove the ebook from all your Kindle devices.

Free Retirement Planning Kindle eBooks     

How to Find FREE Kindle EBooks on Retirement Planning

Use to be notified of FREE Kindle eBooks on Retirement

Amazon has a marketing option many Kindle eBook authors use, and that is to offer their eBooks for FREE for up to 5 days in any 90 day period. Now some smart people have set up membership web sites where they track the FREE Kindle eBooks. You can subscribe to these sites and be notificed of new Retirement Planning eBooks being marketed for FREE. This is a great way to build your Kindle Library of Retirement Planning eBooks. In fact you can include other topics of interest too, and create a library very quickly of books you intend to read.

 Using to find FREE Retirement Planning Kindle eBooks

I found when researching Kindle for publishing my book, “Keep Your Retirement Nest Egg Safe“. If you subscribe to the site you can save your cusotmised Kindle eBook list and they will send you a daily email with a link to their site. So each day I visit the site and click on my customised link, “Non-Fiction My Last Visit” and it displays all the Non-Fiction FREE Kindle eBooks since my last visit.

 In a week i have downloaded 162 FREE ebooks on topics i am interested in. Of those 8 relate to retirement planning.


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