Keep Your Retirement Nest Egg Safe – Kindle Book Just Released

Retirement Nest Eggs need to be kept safe when you are in retirement and not able to easily replenish lost capital. There are two main ways you can lose your retirement savings. The most obvious and devastating way is during a stock market crash. Many people lost 30%-40% of their savings during the great financial crash of 2007/8.

 Keep Your Retirement Nest Egg Safe

There are more insidious way you can lose your retirement nest egg, and they are the

Learn How to Keep Your Retirement Nest Egg Safe

Learn All About What Can Destroy Your Retirement Nest Egg

subject of my book, “Keep Your Retirement Nest Egg Safe – By Knowing what can destroy it”. There are many ways your retirement savings can disappear or be taken from you. Most occur very slowly over time, and you may not even be aware of them, or the threat they pose to your retirement nest egg‘s long term survival.

The book covers what I consider the most important ones. I go through them one by one and briefly describe them and tell you how to be on your guard against them.

 Things that can destroy your Retirement Nest Egg

You do not need to understand investment strategy, balanced portfolios, diversification or any other confusing financial term. You just need to be aware of some timeless truths and some fallacies that can destroy your retirement nest egg over the long term such as:

  • Percentage-Based Fees  – These are the creeping death to your retirement nest egg and can result in your financial planner being paid more than you later in your retirement
  • Retirement Calculators – Most make incredible assumptions about you and the financial world and are dangerous to rely on. Know what type of Calculator can help you plan your spending.
  • Understand what Average Returns really means and how dangerous they are to use to calculate your retirement income. Learn how they can affect the actual total dollar numbers left in your retirement nest egg.
  • Know how drawing a pension can actually destroy your retirement nest egg if you don’t get it right. It has nothing to do with how little you withdraw.
  • Understand cash flow in your retirement nest egg and why its important you have access to cash in retirement.
  • Be aware of when, and when not to sell risk-based assets like stocks, and what it can do to your retirement nest egg if you get it wrong.
  • Understand the impact of large losses in retirement nest egg, and if you take the wrong action after such an event, your nest egg may never recover. There is a tipping point. See how this can happen so you can avoid it.
  • Understand the difference between risk-based assets and non-risk-based assets and learn how to work out what percentage of each is best in order to protect your retirement nest egg.
  • Learn about some calculators and other tools that can help you understand how the events discussed above can seriously affect your retirement nest egg. Learn to use them and get a real understanding for how your retirement savings can be destroyed if you get it wrong.

You job is to protect and preserve your retirement nest egg when in retirement, and you are not earning money to replenish it. This book will show you how, so please click on the book image above and put yourself in control of your Retirement Nest Egg.

Please note this book is a revised and renamed edition of the ebook, “What Every Baby Boomer Should Know about Protecting Their Nest Egg in Retirement” It was $19.97 but now the book is available on Amazon Kindle for only $2.99 which is a typical price for electronic books on Kindle.

Request for Book Reviewers

I need some reviews on Kindle so if you buy the book and like it would you mind putting your review of the book on my Kindle Book page please. If you don’t like the book you can get a refund and I’d appreciate you did not leave a bad review as it can seriously affect sales far more than a good review. Use this blog or email me personally using the contact page. If you have any recommendations or suggestions that would improve the book I would welcome them too.

If you would like to  do an “in depth” review I can send you a gift voucher to get the book, Keep Your Retirement Nest Egg Safe free off Kindle. Use the contact page to reach me. I am looking for three people to give me honest in-depth 4 or 5 star reviews afte,r they have read the book. If you read the book and do not believe the book is worth 4 or 5 stars, you can keep the book anyway for taking the time to read it. Thanks in advanceif you are prepared to do this.



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