In Praise of Alex Sysoef – A WordPress Master

Although this Blog is all about Protecting Baby Boomers’ Nest Eggs in Retirement I want to use this post to acknowledge the support and help I have received from Alex Sysoef the creator of Web20Wealth. This Blog was created using his system.

Several months ago I paid just $67.00 to Alex and purchased his Web20Wealth System for creating WordPress Blogs. I have purchased many programs and sent many of them back as not living up to the hype.

Alex is one of the few Internet Marketers who actually means what he says and he delivers. He always ends his Help Desk emails with:Web20Wealth Alex Sysoef

Customer Service is my #1 priority!.

I for one can tell you he means it.

For example – WordPress recently updated to version 2.5.0. Alex was quick to email all his Web20Wealth clients NOT to upgrade until he had tested it and all the plug-ins he uses. Then just last week he releases a 50 minute video showing us step by step how to upgrade our sites. He had to change some of the plug-ins and included how to set up the new ones too. This is a “no-brainer” way to install WordPress blogs.

Okay that is what we should expect of someone selling a product like his. But he went much further than that for me. You see I successfully upgraded one of my Blogs but the other one just would not work after the upgrade. I tried four times to upgrade it without success.

Alex had said he would make sure he was available to assist anyone with a problem. So I emailed him I was having a problem with a Blog. True to his word he got right onto it. He quickly went through the process and it all worked first time! Yes I know, why didn’t it work for me? But that’s not the point.

Alex was ready and willing to get my Blog going for me ASAP and guess what – it was a Sunday!

You cannot ask more than that.

If you are new to Blogging then I strongly recommend you go to Web20Wealth and get Alex’s System. The cost has gone up to $97.00 now but it will be the best money you will ever spend on starting your Blog. Using his training and WordPress files you will be up and running in less than a day. Then you can concentrate on your real work – adding high value content for your Blog Visitors to read.

Alex is one of the few who has provided a complete training system for creating a WordPress Blog. He has researched all the Plug-ins and included them in his WordPress software package. Not only that he provides detailed step-by-step videos on how to install WordPress and all the plug-ins so the Blog looks very professional and is ready to go.

Thank you Alex Sysoef for being there when I needed you.


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