Doug Short’s great Web site

Once again I have found a web site that makes complex financial data simple to understand. Doug Short’s web site does just that. Plus he has added several links to retirement web sites.

He presents much of the data in graphical form and allows you to interact with it. All the charts have brief explanations on them for key points in the charts.

His two most popular charts are “Four Bad Bear Markets” and “Bear Bottoming Process“.

The Four Bad Bears clearly show that this bear market has been the sharpest and most severe on record so far, and is not over yet.

His chart on “Bear Market Recoveries” compares bear markets from 1956 to now.

He talks about Buy and Hold vs. Market Timing too and has a chart showing when one strategy does better than the other.

The chart on inflation is an eye opener too. He points out the government have changed the method of calculating inflations twice and shows the difference between the new and old calculations on the chart.

There are several links to key sites on retirement too such as Retire Early Home Page, one of my favourite sites.

The information on Volatility is a “must read”. Unless you have money to spare and are prepared to be a trader investing in this market will quickly take your money from you.

This is a very interesting and informative site to help you understand what is happening in the financial world right now and compare it with past bear markets. Baby Boomers should take note and learn to understand what is happening.

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