Financial Trend Forecaster

I have three financial trend forecaster web sites I like to look at for some idea of what is happening in the markets. They are:

The NYSE ROC Chart shows you when to enter and exit the markets by using the annual rate of return rather than price. Right now it is NYSE Annual Rate of Return Chart telling you to stay out of the market.

I went into the market in March 2003 during the last bull run using my own indicators. This chart shows a similar signal to enter the market at that time. I was proven right then. However I think this chart is the one I will be watching in the future because their logic makes a lot of sense to me.

The chart has been updated as of 15th August 2008. So I recommend going to their web site (click on the image above) and taking a good look around. They explain the chart and provide a current analysis of it.

The Sell signal was given in October 2007. I know the Buy signal worked in March 2003 just like the Sell signal has obviously worked in 2007. So maybe this chart is worth watching.

The NASDAQ ROC Chart performs a similar function for the NASDAQ. This chart is quite different from the NYSE Chart and the NASDAQ Annual Rate of Return analysis on the site implies there might be a buying signal if it crosses the 12 month moving average. So one to watch too I think.

Once thing worth noting is that the rate of return mentioned relates to holding an index fund of the NASDAQ or NYSE.

Go to the web site and read how to get the most out of these charts.

Plus there are many articles on gold, oil, inflation and mortgages.

The Moore Inflation Predictor is probably one of the most interesting charts to look at. The creators claim it can be used to decide when to lock in mortgage rates. According to the latest information they have the inflation rate running at 5.6% approximately. They say that last month they were expected double figure inflation but it has subsided for now.

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