Three Financial Planners worth considering for your Retirement Planning

We Baby Boomer need a list of Financial Planners who genuinely want to help us protect our Nest Egg in retirement, avoid large losses and make it last as long as we do.

In my research on how to protect my nest egg in retirement I have come across three so far that I believe are moving in the right direction or have systems in place now that are designed to protect my nest egg.

Each take a very different approach,but all display a genuine aim to help us protect our retirement nest eggs and all have a system they use or promote to manage our nest eggs.

They are all financial planners but they are independent thinkers and are not mutual fund sales people masquerading as financial planners.

Greg Heiple

Websites and Blog –

Teeter Totter Principle – He has an RSS Feed you can subscribe to on his blog.

Brief Overview

Greg is an Investment Behaviour Coach and has written several books on his investment philosophy.

He has a great presentation that describes his Teeter Totter Principle and explains why he developed it. He identifies four main concerns with traditional investment strategies. These are blending savings with investments, dollar cost averaging, asset allocation and Bell-Curve statistical probability. In a rising market he believes things can go well with using these methods. But in a down market they can seriously affect your nest eggs survival. He offers his Teeter Totter strategy as a way to overcome these problems.

He said we retirees should not trust our retirement nest egg to these “managed risk market averaged theories” in the hope that markets will average out and give us the average returns that are available over the long term.

Check out his video Teeter Totter Principle Presentation for an excellent overview.

This video fully explains the Teeter Totter Principle very simply.

Play the Teeter Totter Game to gain a good understanding of how it works in practice.

Greg offers training to individual too at Independent Investor Training.

You can download this small PDF Report How “DO” You Manage Your Client’s Life Savings During Retirement to understand what Greg is all about.

Jim Otar


Jim is a Mechanical Engineer who moving into financial planning in 1995. He uses his engineering knowledge to build his retirement calculator. He believes you cannot plan your retirement based on guessing the average future growth of investments and inflation. He has some serious concerns about using Monte Carlo simulations too.

Neither the standard retirement calculators nor the Monte Carlos simulations account for the “Time Value of Fluctuations“. This is what kills our retirement nest egg.

Jim’s Otar Retirement Calculator does account the the time value of fluctuations because he uses actual historical market data going back to 1900. Then it calculates your retirement results for each year starting at 1900 and is what he calls an “aftcast” rather than a “forecast” of our retirement income. . There are no assumptions for market growth or inflation – he uses the historical data.

The Otar Retirement Calculator will project the probability of running out of money and then calculate and build a ladder of immediate annuities that will provide life-long income. Annuities is something Zvi Bodie, Professor of Finance at Boston University also recommends as you get more into your retirement years. (Don’t discount annuities until you have read Jim’s articles and studied his Calculator).

You can download Jim’s Retirement Calculator – Light Version and try it out for free. It uses Microsoft Excel so you will need that too.

He has an extensive list of Retirement Solutions Articles on his site which are also well worth reading.

Jeff Voudrie


Jeff has developed his website specifically targeting Baby Boomers, Retirees and Seniors. He promotes the idea that he is the Dr Phil of Investment Advice. He is dedicated to teaching us how to get control of our financial lives. He is a financial planner, advisor, Estate Planner and Investment Advisor.

He is known for exposing what really goes on behind the scenes in financial planning.

Many of his articles are published at Senior Journal.

He has an extensive list of articles under Investing on his website too.

You can subscribe to his FREE Weekly Newsletter at the bottom of his home page.

He also has a FREE 57 page

Financial Self-Defence For A Secure And Peaceful Retirement. Besides giving us some great advice he also talks about his Portfolio Guardian Money Management System which is designed to watch and manage our money, something few financial planners actually do and at considerably reduced cost.

And another one on

Why You Should Avoid Equity-Indexed Annuities At All Costs

That completes my round-up of what I like to call Free-Thinking Financial Planners who have their Clients’ interests at heart.

Take a look and give me some feedback on what you think.

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