A Financial Planner with the Right Attitude for Baby Boomers

Finding any financial planner who understands the needs of Baby Boomers in retirement is difficult. I spend several hours a day researching the Internet for information I can disseminate on my Blog.

Sometimes I come across a financial planner’s blog or website that meets the standards of what a financial planner should be all about when looking after our Nest Eggs.

The site is McKinney Avenue Capital. Here is a brief overview of why I think Matt McCracken meets the requirements Baby Boomers in retirement need of a financial planner.

First you should read the About McKinney Avenue Capital page to get an understanding of Matt’s background and value system. Here is just a sample for the About page”

“Throughout the Tech Bubble of the late 90’s, I saw so-called “financial professionals” push product that made themselves and their firms a lot of money but left their clients short-changed when the bubble popped. I couldn’t believe that in the face of such tremendous fundamental and technical evidence of impending doom, “professionals” were not able to better prepare their clients. I knew I could do better!”

His target market is Middle America Baby Boomers retired or about to retire with nest eggs between $200,000 and $2M. A key to his philosophy is:

“We believe that the financial needs for the majority of Americans in retirement are different than the needs of the wealthy; therefore, planning and investing for retirement should be approached differently. Wealthy individuals are seeking to build wealth while the majority of retirees are primarily seeking to preserve it. We believe that the preservation of wealth requires investment strategies that pay special attention to risk management.

Furthermore, we believe that few financial planners understand the destructive impact of market volatility on an account which is distributing income to an individual. We seek to provide positive absolute returns to our clients regardless of market direction so as to minimize the impact of volatility.”

His Philosophy is also presented on his Our Philosophy page. Here he states the 9 Belief’s which guide him in his business.

In Summary I recommend Baby Boomers visit Matt’s Blog and take a good look around. The main reasons are:

  • They actively manages Baby Boomer Nest Eggs both strategically and tactically.
  • They provides regular performance reports on how his system is performing. There is a track record to view.
  • The firm manages the account – they don’t give our money to some third party to put into Mutual Funds and be forgotten.
  • They is not a “Buy and Hold” (Buy and Hope) advocate.
  • They understand Baby Boomers cannot afford to lose money and “wait” for the market to come back.
  • They believe CASH is a position and to be out of the market in down years.
  • They will go short or long in the market to protect Baby Boomer assets.
  • They believe in technical analysis to locate market trends and use it to protect our nest eggs.
  • They are a Fee Only Financial Advisor and are independent.

I am not affiliated to McKinney Avenue Capital nor have I any association with them. I just found them on the Web and believe they offer great value to Baby Boomers in retirement or about to retire. So please take a look and make up your own mind.

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