Jeffrey D. Voudrie – a Financial Planner with a Strategy

I came across a free report I got from Jeffrey D. Voudrie some time back called, “The Unvarnished Truth About Investment Advisors…And Why You Don’t Need One In Order To Manage Your Money Well”.

He goes on to say it is, “A Straight-Forward Guide With The Informaimagetion You MUST Know To Confidently Handle Your Retirement Nest Egg”.

You can get the report off his web site at Guarding Your Wealth – Special Reports. You’ll need to give him your name and email address to get to the download page. But you can always cancel his emails if you want to. I suggest you don’t as he gives a lot of free advice.

Whilst it is a report designed to promote his proprietary investment product, “The Portfolio Guardian”, I think it is well worth getting and reading.

He is a financial planner but he does many of the things I would like my financial planner to do including;

  • Uses a system to manage your investments – Portfolio Guardian.
  • The Portfolio Guardian focuses on Priority Number One—protecting you from significant losses.
  • Manages your account individually and monitors your investments within your account. You are not pooled with other investors.
  • Uses investment strategies he has devised or knows about to increase your returns.
  • He doesn’t believe in Buy and Hold.
  • Fees he claims are 50-75% less that other advisors might charge.

The first part of the report is a great expose on the problems with the Wealth management industry as it is today. He includes some gems like;

  • The typical advisor doesn’t know any more about managing money or
    investments than you do!
  • Put simply, the financial services industry is an industry focused almost
    entirely on sales and greed.
  • The industry’s philosophy is this: An investment advisor’s only job is to interact with you, the client, and gather assets (your wealth) so that revenue can be generated for the firm.
  • There are as many as three to four layers between you and the person
    managing your money. Each of those layers has to be paid. And it’s all going to come out of your pocket.

There is considerably more information in the report you must read. You should also take some time to review his web site Guarding Your Wealth and read some of the recent articles by Jeff Voudrie covering all facets of retirement and investing.

Contact Jeff and check him out. I have no affiliation with Jeff financial or otherwise.

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