Baby Boomers – Go wherever the good financial planners are

Good financial planners are hard to find. I define a good financial planner as one who is working to protect your nest egg in retirement and avoid large losses. They are people who actively manage your nest egg and know how important it is to preserve your capital so it can earn money for you to take a pension. They do not subscribe to the ” Buy and Hope” mentality.

As I research the Web for information about how to protect my retirement nest egg I come across articles and web sites that fit with my own beliefs regarding the preservation of a retirement nest egg.

What many Baby Boomers also want is a financial planner who will help them through their retirement years.

But what if you cannot find a financial adviser in your town or city that meets all the criteria we look for in a financial adviser?

I was prompted to write this post after receiving an email from a subscriber who mentioned they could not locate a good financial planner as defined above in their town.

Today we are much more able to select one that does not live close to us. The Internet is bringing these financial planners right into our living rooms. Many have great web sites with lots more information about themselves than you would get in a face to face meeting.

It makes no sense going to a local financial adviser just because you can jump in your car and visit him. If they do not qualify as someone who really will help you actively manage your nest egg in retirement why would you go with them?

You may well have a relationship with your financial adviser for 25 years or more. In that time either of you may move away from your town. So why not select one through the Internet and introduce yourself?

You will often get onto one that really promotes his business, is highly motivated and has a public profile through a radio or TV show. These people have a reputation to protect.

One of the greatest things about the Internet is you can often email them direct. You often don’t have to go through a whole bunch of people to get to them either.

And don’t forget if they protect your nest egg from a 40% drop in the S&P 500 in the coming years, a plane ride to meet them once a year is cheap and might be a nice holiday too. I’d be shouting them lunch too.

I strongly recommend you search the Internet for financial advisers who have web sites and blogs and who talk about how they protect retirement nest eggs from large losses and how they manage a nest egg to provide pensions.

I came across Gary D. Halbert’s website Profutures Investments a while back but have just revisited it and found this article written by Gary in 2005 called How To Avoid Large Investment Losses. Gary apparently has a list of financial advisers his company rates based on their ability to avoid large losses and take profits when the markets are bullish. He mentions Scott Daly in the article. Scott works with Percell Advisory Services. They have a service called the Asset Enhancement Program which claims to preserve capital and produce consistent returns.

You might want to follow up on the program. I have not checked it out myself, just read what Gary has to say about it.

If you want to be in risk based assets like mutual funds and stocks but want to be out of the market during a down-turn and then back in the market when the bull returns, you will need someone with the skill to do it. Doing it yourself or with a local financial planner without the experience and without a system is not an option you should consider. Find yourself a good financial planner with a proven track record.

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