A Fantastic Poster showing visually where all your Federal Tax Dollars go?

What Jess of Wallstats.com does to visually represent dry old government statistical economic information to make it enjoyable and easy to understand is amazing.

What’s more he goes even deeper and exposes where the government has taken license to leave out the odd stat or two.Over 500 programs and departments each receiving more than $200M in tax money

His first poster in 2004 was Death and Taxes. He has updated it in 2009 and you can see it at, Death and Taxes 2009 –  The US Federal Government in 6 square feet.

The poster shows the over 500 programs and departments that each get over $200 Million of YOUR tax dollars.

You should buy it and stick it on your wall and educate your kids and grand-kids. The attention to detail is fantastic. You can even click on the poster and send a copy to your congress-person!

Click on the link above and go there now. Then use your mouse to scroll and zoom into the poster on the site. That tiny writing then is magnified so you can read it and fly around the 6 x 6 ft poster online. As Jesse states below the poster;

“Death and Taxes” is more than just numbers. It is a uniquely revealing look at our national priorities, that fluctuate yearly, according to the wishes of the President, the power of Congress, and the will of the people. Thousands of pages of raw data have been boiled down to one poster that provides the most open and accessible record of our nations’ spending than ever before. If you pay taxes, then you have paid for a small part of everything in the poster. “Death and Taxes” is an essential poster for any responsible citizen or information junkie.”

I came across his work when someone sent me a link to Mint.com a site worth visiting for managing your personal finances. On that site are all of Jesse’s posters relating to the current financial crisis are displayed. One poster worth a look is; Unemployment Rate: A Visual Guide to the Financial Crisis

It visually displays the unemployment rate as reported by the US government but adds the unreported unemployed to provide a real estimate of the true unemployment rate in the US.

Another one I found interesting is, “Golden Parachutes: How the Bankers Went Down”


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