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My eBook eBook - Protect Your Nest Egg in Retirementto revert to its $19.97 USD at midnight tonight US EDT

My eBook will be reverting to my original price on 1st August 2008 US EDT. So if anyone still wants to get it at the 50% off price you can do so until then.

If you click on the image on the right it will take you to where you can still buy it and immediately download it.

It will open your eyes to the way money is taken from you without realising it.

Some People have Subscribed to my Blog but not Confirmed they want to receive the email notifications

I checked my automated email notification software today and discovered about half a dozen people have subscribed to my email service but have not clicked on the link in the confirmation email that is sent after subscribing.

This email is sent for what is called a double opt-in confirmation that people actually do want to receive the email and that it is not seen as SPAM which is illegal.

I cannot even email those people to tell them to confirm they want to get my post notification emails.

So if anyone has subscribed and is not getting them, do a search for an email from me asking for confirmation. Then click on the confirmation link and you will start receiving them.

My TV Appearance

I had 15 seconds (maybe a little more) of fame today on Channel 10 and have had a few “clever” messages from some friends that saw me. It was a good experience and I hope I can do more in the coming days.

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