US Government Behaviour – The only thing to do is to shake your head in disbelief

It is almost a month since my last post. I just had to stop for a while because there are so many stupid things being done by our governments for our own good. There is just not much to write that is positive. But I find I need to write anyway.

I never cease to be amazed at how blatantly politicians can lie to the people. Or how they can redefine things to make them appear good when they are really bad.

A stimulus not financed out of savings is a debt and attracts interest. A large stimulus not financed out of savings is very bad.

Changing the whole of the US healthcare system to accommodate 30 million more people and costing over a trillion dollars is bad. Especially when cheaper alternatives are not considered and the politicians think it has to be really big or it won’t work.

Businesses can’t and won’t work that way so why does government believe it can? It’s  a high risk strategy and illogical.

Isn’t that what they said about the stimulus and the TARP? They thought of a number that would be big enough to get everyone’s attention.

I know that many in the US Congress and the Senate see bi-partisanship as a “good” but it is not a good if it is against a parties basic ideology.

The problem with the Republicans is they have sold out their ideology so often that they stand for nothing.

The Democrats stand for anything that will get them where they want to go. They are true to their ideology.

It’s almost like the Republicans are digital and the Democrats are analogue.

Anytime a Republican supports a Democratic bill for anything other than what the founding fathers dictated they are really sacrificing their ideology. Unless they get back to the basics of government and out of the welfare state they are really democrats in disguise.

Just watching the way this health care bill is being sold by Obama is a revelation. The country where freedom reigns supreme is no more.

He’s said it would be on C-Span and when it wasn’t did we hear him stand up and say so?

He said Abortion would not be in the bill, but it is?

The deals done in backrooms with Big Pharma, the AMA, the Insurance companies, the Unions, some dissenting democrats and some republican traitors is nothing short of mind-boggling. The slack way they have dealt with the Wall Street fraudsters is unforgivable.

All this doesn’t just affect you America, it affects the rest of the world too. If the US is in the P** we are all in the P**. That’s just the way it is.

This is not change you can believe in. It is just too unbelievable.

As the leaders of the free world the US has lost its way. Allowing your leaders to do this to you is exactly what the Europeans did to appease Hitler (they had no idea he was going to be so evil at the time so don’t go there and that is not the point.)

The point is appeasement and pandering and using your tax money inappropriately or fraudulently to buy votes for something that is not even clearly written as a health bill is just disgusting.

You should be marching on your mainstream press and demanding they do their job of upholding the American values as per the constitution and the laws of the land. The press should be all over the Congress, the Senate and the White House making them accountable.

You should be marching on Washington with your guns and demand congress and the senate lawmakers all resign immediately so you can organise fresh elections and elect people who understand they can’t spend more that a country earns, they can’t lie to you, the people and expect to get away with it, they cannot debase the currency when the world depends on it as the reserve currency, they can’t use the congress as a rubber stamp for socialist agendas discredited with the fall of the USSR.

Wake up, wake up America why don’t you and face the reality.

The massive debts run up by the private banks have just been transferred using Bernanke FED slight of hand in cahoots with the Geithner treasury. It has not gone away. Many of those toxic derivatives are still there like an iceberg with the US the Titanic.

Just wait until the real estate loans need refinancing. I think there is a trillion or so they are going to have to find.

Bernanke/Geithner/Obama are just hoping they can keep printing enough money to keep it flowing until the “real economy” can take over. That’s the Keynesian ideal and that’s all it is an ideal.

As long as they can do this and as long as the banks prefer depositing their excess money with the FED rather than lend it and speculating with the rest, Bernanke can say inflation is unlikely.

No one in their right mind who has a business is going to take a loan anyway, to make a big investment to expand their business, when they don’t know who will be the next Obama victim. Once he has destroyed the private health insurance business in order to get his health care bill passed, he will seek another industry to vilify to achieve another socialist item on his agenda.

Businesses have no idea if there will be new taxes, new levies, new stimulus, ETS or whatever coming. Any one or all of them could kill a business that takes just normal business risks right now. Investing is not possible in this climate – just look at the banks.

If the Bernanke great financial experiment actually begins to work and the real economy gets going, inflation will be the next major problem as all that printed money begins to move through the economy. And guess what you will be the last to get some of that money and it will have already been hit with inflation and you will lose yet again.

When you have a financial meltdown Keynesian tinkering doesn’t cut it any more. It may work for small economic hiccups but not when the economy needs major surgery like now.

You have to bite the bullet and fix the real problem – the debt.

I’m sure Bernanke can keep printing money and the banks can keep making billions speculating with cheap money, and the government can pretend all is well for a few more years yet. But someday the piper must be paid.

Just make sure he is not paid with your retirement nest egg.

Australia is no different. It’s just that we are a pimple on the economic ocean and there isn’t much we can do to affect the world economy. But the same applies for Baby Boomers here. Watch out, your retirement nest egg may well be nationalised to protect it for you.

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