New Year Resolution – Take Control of Your 401(k)

I often check the Motely Fool Web site and sometimes read their posts and articles. They have just posted an article called, “Save Your 401(k) Before It’s Too Late“.

I think the article makes a great week-end read and a reality check for all those with employer sponsored 401(k)’s.

At the end of the piece is a list of articles covering all aspects of your 401(k). This is a MUST READ.

If you are a Baby Boomers and have a few years to go to retirement the information will give you much of the information you need to take control of your 401(k).

Give yourself and your fellow employees a Christmas present of Daniel R Solin’s new book, “The Smartest 401(k) Book You’ll Ever Read“.

Get yourself informed and educated about your 401(k) and make it your New Year’s resolution to take an active part in ensuring your employer, plan manager, and fellow employees all work together to control the funds, minimise the fees and maximise the contributions.


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