4 Day Seminar on Success Secrets – Just Too Much Hype and Product Promotion for me

I attended the first day of a 4 day seminar on Success Secrets on Friday. I was emailed a free ticket. I think I was part of the rent-a-crowd to help fill the empty seats. But I do sympathize with Seminar organizers in Australia as I know it is very hard to get high attendance at Seminars Down Under.

Although my ticket was FREE I do want to make some comments about the seminar.

First, I managed to last just one day, Friday. Today Saturday I should be there but could not face another day of the heavy marketing and product promotion. I saw four presenters yesterday and was in serious danger of buying all their products. If I had I would have spent about $20,000.00 in total, plus I might have applied to attend a high level coaching program by the Coach of Coaches who sells his services for $60,000, but was discounted to $30,000 I think. (His website shows courses for around $10K so I’m not sure what was going on last night – maybe I was asleep! I say that because the first day ran until 9:30 PM and by that time I’d have almost signed anything just to get out of there.

Seriously though the presenters were excellent, and the Coach of Coaches course I believe may be excellent. I just have a problem with the seriously high pressure hype to sell their products all in one go.

Take Armand Morin who is an Internet Guru and who put on a fantastic presentation. I have read a lot about him and yesterday he showed us he makes $350K a MONTH from less than 10 of his over 700 web sites. He is seriously good at what he does. I admit the information he gave was definitely of high value to Internet Marketers.

The main theme of his presentation was that you need to set up your Internet Business to make an initial small sale, then up-sell buyers after they have decided to buy the low cost product. At the same time you get their email address. He said it was most important to try and get a client for life and try to put them into a product that gives you residual income. That means a membership to an email, website, newsletter or the like.

However “do as I say – not as I do” was the order of the day. The last half hour of the presentation was a massive sell job. I think he wanted to clear out his garage because he kept listing product after product, many at $4997, plus tickets to his BigSeminar in the USA, plus if you buy today, right now he will include his mother-in-law and his pet cat (Just kidding). But you get the drift.

I began praying it would all end because it was just too good to be true and was becoming embarrassing. I think the end result was there were over $25,000 of products which I could buy right now for a once in a lifetime price, never to be repeated price, the first 20 to get yet more bonuses price of only $4,997.00. What is more he offered an easy payment plan. Thank you so much.

It was way over the top and a massive pump and dump session aimed at making one big killing Down Under before returning to the USA. Where was the up-sell, the email address, the drip feed to gain my trust and a life-time client?

Notwithstanding all the hype I do very much respect his Internet knowledge and skill.

After over 12 hours of the hype I decided not to attend the rest of the seminar for fear I would succumb and buy hundreds of thousands of products.

If you are considering getting into Internet Marketing don’t take your credit card to any Seminar. Go on line later and see what information you can find for FREE and also check for special promotions on the products you are interested in. Often they will be available at a considerable discount or even as a bonus to other products you might decide to buy.

P.S. I am NOT affiliated with any of the people mentioned above. I do not get paid any commission if you decide to visit their sites and purchase their products.

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