Baby Boomers – Get Control of Your Nest Egg

This eBook will show you what can eat your nest egg in retirement

It will show you how:

  • Much of your Nest Egg will end up in your Financial Planner’s pocket in fees and charges, if you don’t watch out.
  • Protect Your Nest Egg and Avoid Large Losses Most Financial Planners only have experience at helping baby boomers accumulate their Nest Egg — they have no experience helping you to distribute your Nest Egg.
  • Many Financial Planners plan your Retirement using seriously flawed Retirement Calculators, which are often far too optimistic and could send you broke.
  • The Wealth Management Industry are likely to use the same Investment Model whether you are Accumulating or Distributing your Retirement Nest Egg.
  • Most Financial Planners do not know the mathematics of safe Draw-down rates from your Nest Egg to make it last for the long term.

Once you are aware of the information in the eBook you will be able to apply that knowledge to safely protect your nest egg in retirement. Simple cost control can have a more significant affect on your nest egg than chasing higher returns which are usually at a higher risk.

eBook – What Every Baby Boomer should know about Protecting their Nest Egg in Retirement

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