Happy Birthday Protect Your Nest Egg Blog – One Year Old

Tomorrow is the 1st April and it is the First Birthday of this Blog.

Happy Birthday to my Blog!

I have written 256 Posts for my blog since I started it one year ago.

I have about 1,200 visitors a month come to my site. Many of those are subscribers. That’s not a lot. Maybe I should have chosen “Baby Boomer Weight Loss” or something where there are thousands of visitors. But I had a mission to Know How to Protect Your Retirement Nest Eggtry to make Baby Boomers aware of what can destroy their Nest Egg based on my research into protecting my own nest egg.

With my sponsoring advertisements via the Forbes network I will be $1.94 richer when they send me the money. It has to get to a reasonable amount before they send it.  I’m in the money 😉

My eBook has sold almost 60 copies too. Touch wood I have not had one request for a refund. I hope that is because people found the information valuable rather than them not bothering to claim a refund if it they did not find it informative.

That’s not an invitation to get them all back people!

Click on the image of the eBook to go to the web page where you can purchase it and download it immediately.

I invite all those who purchased the book to make a comment, good or bad, on this post. If you are concerned about your name being seen just make one up for the comment. It’s the comments I would like to publish, not your name and address.

As a celebration of one year blogging I am going to offer all new purchasers of my eBook a discount. For the month of April the price will be reduced from $19.97 to $11.97 (plus GST in Australia).

The price will be changed tonight so if you intend buying it hold off until you see the new price.

If you are not familiar with the eBook (a downloadable book) it is NOT investment advice. I can’t tell you how to invest.

However it is about all the things you are told that are designed to mislead you into believing your money is safe using the preferred but flawed Buy and Hold investment method.

So in that sense the information is timeless. Even after the stock market crash the information is still as relevant as before the crash. So you won’t be wasting your money. You will be preparing yourself for the future. In fact it is even more relevant now that you do this.

If you want a sample of the eBook, you can get a FREE 13 page version of it.FREE 13 Page Excerpt from Protect Your Nest Egg eBook Click on the image below to be taken to the page where you can download it.

I do believe you will be surprised and have some Ah ha! moments as you read through the book. You will almost certainly learn a lot and be far more prepared for meeting your financial adviser.

Just being aware of how things really work can put you in control of your nest egg.

Anyway take advantage of the birthday special and remember if you are not totally happy with the information in the book I will refund your money in full.

The ebook is written for Baby Boomers like me. But the information is relevant to anyone who has money invested with wealth managers or financial planners for their retirement. Some people who have purchased the book are kids of Bay Boomers.

John Greaney of the famous, Retire Early Web site reviewed my eBook in April 2008. His web site is well worth a visit. In fact it was his site that got me started with this blog.

I am currently working on updating the eBook and will be offering discounts to all current owners. It will have almost double the information and hopefully it will be even more valuable to Baby Boomers.

One more thing…. Some people have had problems getting to the download page after payment. There is a delay between going from Paypal/Credit Card page back to my download page. If you purchase the book and have a problem downloading it, just email me via the Contact Me page, and I will immediately send you the eBook once I verify your Paypal/Credit Card payment.

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