What Every Baby Boomer Should Know to Protect Their Nest Egg in Retirement – eBook only $9.97

This eBook is all about how your Nest Egg can be taken from you Protect Your Nest Egg in Retirementin retirement unless you learn how to take control and protect it. Fees from Financial Planners can seriously reduce your Nest Egg in the long term. There are many other things too which are explained in this eBook that will help you take control of your Nest Egg.

At less than $US10 you will be better informed than most financial planners about how to manage your Nest Egg in Retirement. It is an easy read and gives plenty of information for you to use and many places to go on the Internet to get more “no-hype” information on what you can do.

John P. Greaney of The Retire Early Home Page website has just reviewed my ebook today 22nd April 2008.

You can read it at Retire Early Book Review.

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