President Obama – Be Presidential for the Sake of the World Economy

Dear President Obama once you became president you needed to become apolitical. You are the President of ALL the people in the USA. The rest of the world is counting on you too.

As usual everything is US-centric. American led the world into this financial abyss. And we stupidly followed. Just occasionally in your speeches can you mention us please?

You are “The Leader” of the world by default and as such you have to lead us all. Allowing Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress to create a 700 page stimulus bill and not include the Republicans is not bipartisan.


Ridiculing the Republicans in front of your Democratic mates is not presidential. Whining about cable news stations (Fox) is not Presidential. Blaming the Republicans for the mess is not appropriate for a President.

You should have stopped the bill going to the senate. You should have called in Pelosi and read her the riot act and told her not to even think of taking a vote until she has got the support of the Republicans. Not one Republican voted for the bill as such and that should have set off alarm bells in your head as President. Especially when you keep asking for bipartisan support.

You should have gone through the package and asked just one question on each of the items. Is this going to help stimulate the US and World economies? If the answer is no, then you should have put a line through that item.

This is what a leader does to keep everyone honest and working for the same goal- a stimulus package that might stimulate – not handouts or paybacks.

Then you should have sent the package back to Congress and told the world that until the package was right you would keep sending it back.

This would have established it as the President’s stimulus bill. You would have established yourself as the President rather than a Pelosi supporter and Congress would be on notice they have to perform because the American people and the world would be behind you.

Instead we are all suspicious of the stimulus package and incredulous at some of the things that were included -condoms, water parks. It makes a mockery of the most powerful nation in the world.

No one knows if a stimulus package will work but many are prepared to give you a chance to try and fix the world economy. So be Presidential please.

Make no mistake you will be fixing the world economy so please remember that. The EU will not do anything except pass the buck. Only the US can lead the world out of this mess.

If you don’t get this stimulus package actually focused on stimulating the US economy, the rest of the world may be doomed like the US to a long recession.

Baby Boomers should be very concerned that President Obama takes charge and gets it right or there will be very little chance of even recovering your losses for years to come.

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