Plan a Long Term Investment Strategy – You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me!

Banks under the Fractional Reserve Banking model aided and abetted by Central Banks engineer booms and busts through creating money out of thin air and lending it out. They have managed to do it twice since 2000. You want a third time?

The turbo-charged Keynesian economics model supposedly being implemented world-wide to create employment and thus get the consumers spending again.

The Copenhagen Climate summit where the leaders of the have’s (well did have) are going to give billions to the “have not’s” to help them clean their carbon creating industries. Much of that money will end up in corrupt politicians secret bank accounts.

Health Care systems around the world now have mandates from governments to offer free health care to all.

Billions of your tax dollars being redirected by government into green energy and Al Gore’s bank account.

The US being the driver of the world economy is now becoming the biggest socialist economy in the world. They are not alone but they are the most transparent government in the world.

  • It controls the car industry in America
  • It is the primary investor in green energy
  • It owns about 85% of American homes through Fanny and Freddie.
  • It continues to give your tax dollars away to people and businesses that do not deserve it.
  • It is printing money.
  • It is selling bonds and monetizing its debt to provide money for yet more hair-brain job creation schemes.
  • It has only spent about $200Bn of the $700Bn Congress had to have to save the US economy. Much of that has not gone to “Shovel Ready jobs”
  • It bribes the public to spend with cash for clunkers $3Bn and now cash for caulkers is in the wings – I believe for $23Bn.
  • It bailed out its Wall Street mates and continues to prop them up whilst they make billions in algorithmic trading on the stock market and get paid interest from the FED for money the FED gave them for Free.
  • It still has done nothing about cleaning up the regulations of the banking system.
  • It is not even going to look at the highly flawed managed fund business where much of your retirement nest egg is invested and slowly taken from you via high fees and charges.
  • It is creating an environment for potentially massive inflation with doubling the monetary base just as many baby boomers rush to the relative safety of annuities.
  • It allowed AIG to take $120Bn and then pay out the insurance claims 100 cents on the dollar when they were negotiating to pay out much less than that. Some of that money went to overseas banks.
  • Bernanke has sent Billions of dollars overseas and admitted they do not account for that money.
  • Goldman Sachs apparently secretly bet on the US housing crash all the while selling CDOs of mortgages to their clients and anyone who would buy them that maybe included your pension fund.
  • We can go on and on and on ……….

So obviously you have the perfect environment to make long term investment decisions for your retirement. You’ve to be kidding me.

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