Peter Schiff’s New Book – Crash Proof – FREE

You may know that Peter Schiff has been one of the very few that called this current financial crisis well before the melt-down began.

I have watched several Peter Schiff videos where Peterimage has been ridiculed by various financial gurus but has stuck to his guns. Some nice week-end viewing for you 😉

Knowledge is power and understanding helps you plan and control your nest egg.

Each time these same gurus say the worst is over, Peter tells them there is more to come. More to the point he tells us why he thinks there is more to come.

Now I know ever dog has his day and I am sure Peter will eventually get it wrong but for now he seems to me to be right on the money (sorry!).

I went looking for his book the other day, “Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse“. I was going to buy it for $45 AU until I got the offer for imagethe monthly “The Money Map Report” and FREE “Money Morning” daily news.

This offer for the Money Map Report includes a the following;

  • Crash Proof – 272 pages of Peter Schiffs’ research and recommendations for growing rich during downturns – absolutely free…
  • The Best and Easiest Way to Trade Global Stocks – Even if Your Broker Says You Can’t, chock full of key lessons and a critical recommended list of brokers, absolutely free…
  • Our Money Map Report research and recommendations every month at the low cost of only $49.50 $39.50 US just for Money Morning readers…

Now I think there is a lot of selling and marketing hype on the sales page, “How to Protect YOUR Cash from the Coming “Bailout Bombshell” but that’s all part of the selling process. I know my eyes glaze over as I read some of these sales pages. If money was that easy to make how come they are trying to sell their newsletter so hard with a 60% discount.

Like all things financial you just need to look at them objectively and not be drawn in. But this looks like a good deal and will give you access to the 23 Precision Variables of the Money Map Report, which I think may well prove to be very valuable.

When you consider you will pay almost as much for Peter’s book as you will for the newsletters I think it is a good deal.

Anyway go to the website for “How to Protect YOUR Cash from the Coming “Bailout Bombshell”” and judge for yourself.

At the very least visit the “Money Morning” website and sign on for the FREE newsletter. Currently there is a FREE Report: Why the US Bailout Plan Won’t Work that might be worth a read. I think it is referring to the original Paulson $700 Billion Bailout.

I have no affiliation to Peter Schiff or the websites mentioned in this post and am not paid any commissions if you decide to sing up for the newsletter.

P.S. I have signed up for my subscription today.

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