I’m Off Overseas for 6 weeks

I am going on an overseas trip starting tomorrow. Whilst overseas I will still be maintaining this blog. However the posts may be a little shorter or I may just point to some articles I have read that I found useful rather than write a long post.

Either way I want to keep the blog going whilst I am away.

Thank you for all your support over the last 15 months.

3 Responses to “I’m Off Overseas for 6 weeks”

  1. Martin White says:


    Thanks for regular emails. Have a great trip.


  2. smith says:

    I am big fan of your blog and find it very useful for me. Thanks for this great work and have a happy journey.

  3. admin says:


    I just got back for overseas and am in catchup mode. Thanks for your kind words. I will crank up the blog again. It was just too difficult to do the research for some of the posts whilst traveling.

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