Fund Police Web site – Keeping Managed Funds Honest

In an earlier post I mentioned I had not yet seen any fund manager admit they made a mistake and apologize to their investors.

I reckon the first one to do that would be swamped with investor money. We humans tend to love a person who stands up and admits they screwed up and then says what they intend to do to fix it.

I decide to Google, “fund managers admit mistake” and found the site Whilst it did not give me a fund manager who has apologized I did find the Fund Police site. On first look this appears to be an excellent site and provides a lot of information you need to know to protect your nest egg.

Their 12 Fund Sins is definitely worth a look. This is one of those lists that should be printed and stuck on the fridge door so you see it every time you get something to eat.

It will remind you how they are eating your nest egg.

You’ll need to spend some time on this site. Some of the stuff will make you mad and you should be.

The site is sponsored by the Wade Financial Group. Jerry Wade is the “Commissioner” for the fund police web site. You can read all about him on the site too.

There is a link to his financial planning web site at Wade Financial Group too.

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