Investing the Trident Confidential Way – Transparently

This the the name of a 40 page FREE Report from Lance Spicer the author of “Investing the Trident Confidential Way” and the editor of the World’s highest returning Stock Market Newsletter, “Trident Confidential Investment Newsletter“.

If you feel you are ready to get back into the markets it might benefit you to download the report and read it first. April 2009 Trident Confidential Portfolio

Lance Spicers record is audited by Hulbert’s Financial Digest,

Hulbert’s Financial Digest is the recognised place where Financial Newsletters are rated. Trident has a performance comparison claimed to have been taken off the Hulbert website which shows the Trident newsletter over 3-5 years had an average return of 96.33% pa, well ahead of any other newsletter in the US or Australia.

The current Portfolio as at Friday 3rd April 2009 is shown opposite. Click on it to go to the web page. Transparency is what’s important.

The report is a 40 page promotion for the Trident Confidential System. But you get an awful lot for your money and if he continues his success you could be on the right side of the market for once and you will be controlling your capital and protect your profits rather than leaving it to a fund manager somewhere – anywhere in the world.

A Full Years subscription includes:

  • $15 per trade for stocks in any market
  • Full Service broker to handle any queries
  • “Set and Forget” all their trading strategies – no more having to watch your stocks
  • The best trading software available (their words not mine)
  • You get all 37 of his books on CD
  • You get all their 2009 Reports including;
    • The best stocks to 2009 and Beyond
    • The best bargain stocks
    • Buffett’s bargains
    • Hedge Fund Castoffs
    • Stocks for the next bull market
    • New book – The worlds best investments 2009
  • Flash Alerts and Weekly Updates to keep you informed

Lance claims he commits his own money to the Trident Confidential Portfolio.

I particularly like that he talks about how to protect your capital and profits.

He uses a “Buy and Watch” strategy. His investment philosophy is;

  • Make Money – don’t lose money!
  • Buy stocks expecting and hoping for the best and at all times be prepared for the worst.
  • Research to find the best companies with the best earnings prospects.
  • Control risk at all times.
  • Buy in part allocations.
  • Know when to sell.
  • Remain disciplined when buying of selling.
  • Have rules and strategies in place that are simple and easy to use to protect your capital and profits.
  • Have strategies for down markets that are simple and don’t use futures and options.
  • Have stop loss strategies

Whilst I have done my own trading and investing I really do not want to spend the time doing it now. However I don’t really trust the wealth management industry to do the right thing either.

I am comfortable investing directly in stocks and funds and this is what Lance does.

I like the fact that I can invest/trade international stocks too.

So for $799 it seems a good bet to try the Trident Confidential newsletter and see how it goes.

You will note Lance has strategies for down markets. The current bull is likely to retrace some or all of the recent gains. It will be a good test. I’m more concerned about protecting against the downside anyway.

So I will subscribe and see whether Trident Confidential will work for me. I will consider regularly posting my results on this blog too.

I have no financial or other affiliation with Lance Spicer or Trident Confidential.

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