Intermittent Problem with Download Page for my eBook

I thought I’d better let you know I have an intermittent problem with the download page for my eBook, “What Every Baby Boomer should know about Protecting their nest Egg in Retirement”.

It appears that I am taking your money and then not offering you a chance to download the eBook ;-( That’s really smart I don’t think.

I apologise to those few people that have experienced this problem. I am looking into the problem and will test it and see if I can resolve the problem. I think it might be a timing problem because I know jumping to PayPal to pay and then back to my download page can be slow sometimes. I’ve seen this at other sites too, where I have downloaded eBook’s.

Anyway if you want the eBook and you experience the problem before I can get it resolved, please email me right away and I will send it to you.

Thank you for your patience.

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