I have subscribed to Trident Confidential

I have decided I will see how Trident Confidential works for me. I have taken out the subscription and am now getting the newsletter.

There are also about 30 books covering a range of topics that I need to go through.

More importantly though I am setting up my trading account with their preferred broker which will allow me to trade as per the trading system presented in the User documentation.

I won’ be saying anything about the information made available to subscribers but I am considering posting my results on this blog once I get fully invested.

If I do I will need to ensure my account is big enough to purchase reasonable parcels of shares in each of the stocks mentioned in the weekly newsletter so that I am fair to the system.

Why have I done this?

I have done this because I like the fact that stop losses are used to protect capital and profit. I like the research done on the stocks too. The broker has features that allow me to implement the system for all trades too, so I can stick with the strategy.

Although I traded my own systems up until 2005 I really don’t want to go back to doing all that work again each time I wanted to make a trade/investment. It was very time consuming.

Interestingly enough my main goal is not high returns. It is capital preservation with enough profit to offset inflation and maybe generate a little profit too. I’m not greedy here.

I do not know where the stock market is going. But Trident Confidential has produced a profit from January until now which included the March lows. That is what I am looking for in these volatile markets.

The strategy used is simple to implement through the preferred broker and if I stick with the plan I should get similar returns to Trident’s own returns 😉

So you can expect me to provide some feedback on how I am going. I intend to be disciplined and stick with the strategy.

The first hurdle is to open the broker account. I’ve virtually had to sign over my children to the broker as proof my superannuation fund is not a front for some evil organisation or money laundry scheme and it has taken some time to do it. Unfortunately they have to do that these days but it is almost done. It is made more complex because I use a company as the trustee for our company superannuation.

I don’t recommend Trident Confidential to you at this time since I have no trading data of my own. So you will need to make up your own mind. I have no affiliation to Trident Confidential, nor do I get paid a fee if you decide to subscribe.

I am also setting up my own Investment software to track my progress. I will be using the software I used when I was trading stocks and CFDs. It was new then and I was able to recommend and test some of the programming used to manage the CFDs for CMC Markets, my trading platform back then. I just downloaded the latest release and got familiar with it again and remembered why I like it so much.

I will use it to manage all my retirement investments across several different accounts. I have to start preparing for the future.

Being in control means having a separate place where you keep track of your investments yourself and not just relying on a broker account. More on this in another post though.

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  1. John says:

    Hi, I’d be very interested in these results. I subscribed to TC but could not get profitable results and found the published results to be unrealistic and impossible to achieve. I have no doubt that there are errors in the results but to survey the entire backresults is too tedious and massive a job and so I have to leave it. So, I would like better assurance that I am doing the right thing in leaving aside TC.

  2. admin says:

    Hi John,

    Many thanks for your comment. I am finalizing my broker account with their preferred broker. This broker allows me to trade mechanically as I understand it using the Trident Investment System. This will give me the best chance of seeing if I can personally get the results posted. I want to make sure I give it a decent go for my own sake. This will be retirement money I will be putting on the line here.
    I’m happy to let people know how well I am able to trade the system once I get some trades on and see the performance. I want this very much to work for me.

    David Bates

  3. John says:

    Hi, I have conducted a good backtest and am satisifed the TC results are in error in 2 main areas:
    1. The average profit for closed positions. Observing the profit per trade for closed positions [published each week] from the beginning of the year [around 19th Jan] until around early Mar [when TC first announced the average for closed positions]. The positions average just above breakeven, yet TC claims a huge average. This is easy to check and verify, add the trades profits and divide the total by the number of trades to get the average.
    2. Entry prices.
    a) TC claimed entry prices sometimes do not exist at least on the Yahoo backdata [Yahoo might be in error].
    b) The entry prices are too often in the bottom of the days range [unless the price just dipped to the buy up to price] and inconsistent with 2 suggested methods for entry, being a discount on the buy up to price or determined from the last 2-3 days trading range.

    I remain interested in views about TC
    Thank you for the oppurunity to comment.

  4. David D says:

    Is Trident for real? Can they really deliver. I got a reply from David at Trident and he said the only ones that do no make money from TC are those that never follow his advice. What do you all say?

  5. admin says:

    Hi David D,

    Thanks for the comment. Here is my response.
    I have been paper trading the Trident Newsletter using their recommended broker. The great thing about it is I can paper trade the exact system. The paper traded stocks get filled in exactly the same way as real orders. That way I can get a real feel for how it might perform when I put my Nest Egg money on the line.
    David’s advice is sound in that if you pick and choose the stocks to invest in or fail to implement the strategy exactly as described how can you measure it’s effectiveness?
    Paper trading allows me to come close to evaluating how it might perform for me.
    In order to be statistically correct I need to have at least 30 closed paper trades to see how well it might work for me. I’m trying to do this but it will take time.
    Right now we have a market that is not “normal”. It has been going up on low volume since March with almost no retracement and all the Gurus are expecting a pull-back with some even saying it might go and test the March Lows. That would be a good test of the Trident system. Although Trident has made money in a down market too according to the reports I have seen. So I am hoping that will happen.
    I hope to publish some of the paper trading results when I have something to say. At present paper trading is showing me a profit but I am not fully invested in all the stocks yet because the price has moved passed some of the limit buy orders.

    I have to respect my agreement with Trident so I will not be providing specific details on what was traded.
    In summary, I think the system has merit because it uses a disciplined approach to investing. According to the reports I have been getting the last two months the Trident performance through the March lows to now have been very good.

    I believe that paying $800 for an investment method such as this is a good investment to help you become a disciplined investor. Add the reality paper trading and you can train yourself to be a disciplined trader before putting your money on the line. Many people just do not have the discipline and cannot train themselves to follow the plan. I’m training myself through paper trading. You need to find out for yourself.
    I am frustrated that it took some time to set up my broker account because it is a superannuation fund. I am upset that I missed the market from at least early June. It is also irritating doing the paper trading because I see the market move up. But that’s all part of becoming disciplined and not jumping in.

    I hope that helps.


    David Bates

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