Important Information: How to Comment on Posts on my Blog

It didn’t occur to me until one of my readers mentioned it that baby boomer’s may be reluctant to use the comment boxes on my blog. For first time or new visitors to blogs, the main function of a blog is to have people interact on it through posts and comments.

It doesn’t mean you all have to agree with my posts. I am the first to say I do not have all the answers. Sometimes I have a hard time framing the questions. Writing posts on this blog is helping me clarify what is important and is helping me form my own strategy to protect my nest egg. What is important is there should be a free flow of ideas and information about protecting a baby boomer nest egg.

The more we do interact on blogs like this the more likely we will come up with some consensus of how we should go about protecting our nest eggs. We might then be able to present our ideas to government and the financial industry which might result in a win, win, win for all of us. I really believe many people in government and the financial industry are looking for answers too.

One of the main problems with blogs that allow comments is they can be attacked by professional spammers trying to build links to their own websites. So we blogger’s need to protect ourselves against this sort of attack.

Take a look at the What Do You Think? – It appears at the bottom of every post or if you haven’t clicked to read the full post there will be a “Comment” items you can click to take you there.


On this blog I am using a two stage Spam Protection program that helps me manage the comments. In order to comment I ask you for your name, email address and website. This is designed to help me validate you are a real person who genuinely wants to comments. I do not harvest these email addresses in order to promote my blog to you imagebecause that would be spam. So if you are NOT a subscriber you can be assured I will not bombard you with emails. I will only respond to your comments using another comment on the post.

If you want to get my posts sent to your email you have to subscribe to my blog. When you do I then send you an email which includes a link you have to click on to confirm you really do want to receive emails from me. This is called a “Double Opt-In” and is recognized as a standard way of ensuring I don’t get accused of spamming you.

If you do not confirm this email you will not receive my posts. I noticed three people have subscribed but have not confirmed they want the emails so they will not receive them until they do. I will not contact them directly to remind them either as that would be spam too.

Once you have entered your data I then ask you to enter the sum of two numbers into a box. This is needed to stop spammers using programs to automatically send masses of comments to my blog and render it useless and that is all. So all you need to do in this case is enter the number 9 and move on to adding your comment. If you fail to enter the number or enter it incorrectly the comment will not get submitted.

The purpose of all of this is to make it hard for spammers, but it does add a couple of extra steps for genuine readers who want to comment. The benefits are you get to read the post and real comments – not thousands of spam comments about Viagra, teenage porn and the like. So far I have deleted 231 spam comments since 1 April 2008.

Once you submit your comment it will not appear until I have read it and approved it. I normally do that within 24 hours. Please be assured if comments are made that disagree with my own they will be approved as long as they adhere to the principles and standards of mutual respect and do not make personal attacks. Swearing is also not allowed, not because I am a prude but because it is just good manners.

Other than that a free exchange of ideas is encouraged. Indeed sometimes I think I have got over the top on my comments in my efforts to get interaction and fully expect to be challenged. Please challenge my ideas I need to have them tested ;0)

You may tick the box “Notify me” if you want follow up comments sent to you via email.

Please try commenting on this Post even if you just say Hi. Break the ice and lets get some serious discussions going. It is a real pleasure to talk with people from all over the world about issues we all share.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Peter Fowler advised me he lost his comment when he tried to submit it without filling in the SPAM Protection SUM. He decided to write his comments in Notepad or some other program and copy and paste them into the comment box. I recommend if you intend to make a long and detailed comment you should do the same.

Thank you

2 Responses to “Important Information: How to Comment on Posts on my Blog”

  1. Peter Fowler says:

    Hi David,

    Keep up the good work! The first blogsite I have found that is worth reading!
    I was commenting on one of your posts the other day and forgot to enter the Spam addition before hitting the “Submit Comment” button. I was a bit miffed when I hit the “Back” button to find that all my entered text had disappeared! Don’t know whether you can do anything about that but I now copy my entered text to the clipboard (highlight and Ctrl+C) before hitting the “Submit Comment” button just in case anything goes wrong!

    Cheers… Peter

  2. admin says:

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the kind remarks. I appreciate them.

    Your point is well made about doing comments in another program and them copy and pasting them into this box. I too have had that problem on another blog I was commenting on when I first came across the anti-spam Sum. I don’t think much can be done about it except copy and paste as you did.

    I’ll modify my post to include your great advice.

    Thank you


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