Australian Baby Boomers – Free Tickets to a 3 Day Seminar Series

I just got this from Brett McFall an Aussie Internet entrepreneur. I’m posting it here because it is FREE. I have just signed up because I saw some names of Internet Gurus who will be speaking at the Seminar.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not an affiliate of Brett’s nor am I making any money from promoting this event. I do not know, nor have I ever met Brett. I subscribe to his email newsletter because he has some good things to say. (This also applies to the speakers listed below.)

If you intend to get involved in the Internet as a second source of income then attending a Free Seminar where successful Internet markets are speaking makes good sense to me.

Some I am interested in are:

  • Stephen Pierce who I have read a lot about and know he is an expert Internet marketer.
  • Brett McFall is an Aussie who is a copy writing expert and has a good reputation.
  • Armond Morin is very successful generating over $35M in online revenue since 1996. I think he is worth listening to for FREE.
  • Warren Black is a former Australian Tax Office Employee. Apparently he is also a lawyer, accountant and financial planner. So I think I’d to hear what he has to say too.
  • There are many more speakers too.

There may be a lot of hype there too. But if we can sort out the good content from the hype we may get some really useful stuff from the seminars.

If you are thinking of getting involved in the Internet this might be a nice way to get some excellent information for FREE.

Here is the link to the Web site where you can sign up. I only signed up fro the FREE stuff which includes all the seminars I believe – QC Seminars

If anyone is interested and signs up and wants to meet me at the seminar then let me know once you have confirmation.

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