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I make no apologies for this post to promote Expert WordPress an all-in-one blogging solution by Alex Sysoef.

If you subscribe to this blog you will have noticed Your Own Blog in 3 Easy Stepsit has been updated. I thought it needed  a facelift. However I suffered the “use it or lose it” syndrome and was concerned about updating it myself.

Alex Sysoef to the Rescue

So I sent an email to Alex Sysoef to ask for help. I originally using his first WordPress software called Web 2.0 Wealth for this blog over two years ago. I have followed him as he developed his product to the current Expert WordPress. Longevity in the Internet Products business is everything, and 3 years is a long time in this business.

Alex has now assisted me twice with problems I have had with my Blog. His support has been very prompt and his charges incredibly reasonable.

I emailed him about 10 days ago saying I wanted to re-activate my blog, but it was a year out of date with WordPress software updates, and I was not confident I could do the upgrade without having problems. I actually asked him if he knew of anyone who would upgrade my blog for a fee.

My Blog was Updated Overnight by Alex

He responded to my forum request the very next morning with an offer to do it himself, for a fee of $100 USD. That was a very generous deal to me, as I knew it would take me some time to do, even if I encountered no problems. Upgrading is harder than a fresh install from scratch.

I jumped at the offer and gave him me details, The very next day I got an email to login to the forum and check the status. He had upgraded my blog overnight! It was up and running  and I was able to login and check everything.

My testing uncovered two minor issues, one caused by an out of date widget, and the other a problem with the my links to my eBook. Both were fixed very quickly and, for no additional cost.

Thank you Alex

I cannot praise Alex Sysoef highly enough for his support and service. This post is by way of a promotion for his great product, Expert WordPress and a thankyou to him for his prompt and effective support to get my blog working and up to date again quickly.

Why Not Consider Blogging too?

Blogging is a great activity and keeps the mind active. I like to blog on financial matters that I read about when trying to learn how to protect my next egg and avoid large losses. So far I have written over 360 posts to this blog. I find I benefit from it because it helps me:

  • Clarify some of the financial issues in my mind
  • Research and learn what is happening in the Retirement Income world
  • Keep up to date with what our governments are doing – meddling mostly
  • Write what I find and get the satisfaction out of telling other people
  • Sometimes the feedback is very gratifying Laughing out loud – sometimes not  Steaming mad
  • Keeps my mind active
  • Meet “like-minded” people through my blog

Is it Time Consuming?

Yes it can be, if you try to write a blog post a day and try to “add value” by putting in some thinking time before writing your post. Otherwise I don’t think it will be very satisfying at all regurgitation other peoples posts or links to the news.

However blog experts suggest writing one or two really in-depth posts a week and use a combination of short comments about other peoples blog posts or news items on the rest of the days of the week.

If you are an expert in something or have an all-consuming hobby, blogging will be a great way to share your skills and knowledge. Try it you might like it.

Click on the Expert WordPress image at the top of the post and watch the video and seriously consider the Blog Autoinstall $17 Upgrade Tool.

By the way there is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Special Note: If you purchase Expert WordPress I will get a commission on the sale. You should be aware of this.

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