Discount on eBook Price to be removed on 1st August 2008

Hi everyone the eBook has been selling quite well. I have been selling it at a 50% discount to my planned price and have now decided it is time to remove the 50% discount. Even at twice the price if you can use the information in it to save even 0.1% on the cost of your nest egg then you have more than recovered the cost of the eBook.

If you use the information in my eBook to negotiate reduced fees with your financial planner a 0.1% reduction on a $250K nest egg is $250 – ten times the price of the eBook.

This eBook is an education in itself about what the costs are to your nest egg and how the financial markets take your money from you over time in what seem reasonably small amounts. If you have read me recent post on “Government takes control of Baby Boomer Nest Eggs, you will realise it is now time to learn to manage your own nest egg.

It is far more important to limit costs and losses to your nest egg in retirement than chase high returns. The fund managers are paid to obtain high returns and high returns can only be achieve in the main by taking huge risks. This is something you do not want to do with your money if it is your nest egg and you are in retirement.

I qualified that statement by saying in retirement because when you are it is likely you are not earning anything like the money you were when you were working. So losses to your portfolio due to the stock market, fees and charges, inflation and taxes significantly reduce it over time even without you taking a pension.

Add your pension and you may end up with a nest egg that will lose so much of its capital that it will not be able to recover from a large stock market loss. Even if you want to continue working it is nice to have a choice. So don’t blow it by not taking control now. For just $19.97 USD from 1st August 2008 my eBook will help you do just that. You can still get it now for $9.97 though.

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