Review of this Blog and Decision to Split USA and Australia Posts

This Blog has been going since 1st April 2008. I have now written over 110 posts and achieved some success in getting subscriptions. But it is not good and so I am reviewing my strategy.

Originally I realized this niche about protecting your nest egg in retirement would not have a big following because most baby boomer’s don’t see a problem and don’t even think about their retirement nest egg believing the professional wealth managers have it all under control..

We’ve all been sold on charts by the Wealth Industry that show a forever onward and upward stock market conveniently charted from around 1982 when this secular bull market began. Over 16 years of flat market performance before that when there was high inflation too is now out of sight for most Baby Boomers. History is forgotten.

So it is reasonable to assume that in accordance with the prevailing mood, the belief will be the good times will continue even though Baby Boomers will suffer a major change to their circumstances – their income is likely to drop significantly over the next few years as they retire. So they will not be adding much to their nest eggs and will be more vulnerable in bear markets.

Statistically each year’s stock market returns are independent events. We cannot say that just because the last 25 years have shown how robust the markets are over that period, that they will continue to perform in this manner.

As Baby Boomers we can hope that they do continue, but put in contingency plans for if they do not. This is a must do, if our income is seriously reduced as we move into full-time retirement. That is not “dooms-daying” but a rational and objective observation.

My problem is I have not got enough traction with subscribers or visitors to this blog to sustain it. I see a very serious decline in visitors if I do not write a post a day and quite frankly it takes too much time to write a quality post day in and day out. I’m learning as I go along here 😉

Advice from Jack Humphrey a leading social network marketing Guru says to try and write one good post a week and link to other people’s posts for the other days. It’s something I haven’t wanted to do but now I must consider it.

I have a mission to inform Baby Boomers about the dangers to their nest eggs, but I am no altruist. I definitely believe in being rewarded for providing value. I also believe that value has to be determined by the readers and subscribers and so far it seems the value is not there or I am not reaching the audience I need to get the visitors I would like.

One thing I believe I now have to do is split my audience into two, one blog for the USA and another for Australia. I have been aware that if I write about US 401K plans I lose Aussie visitors and vice versa if I write about Superannuation Funds.

So over the next couple of weeks I will create an Aussie Blog and start posting Aussie content to it. I will be using a simplified version of Web20Wealth by Alex Sysoef to create a new WordPress Blog. It is called ExpertWordpress and it costs $27 for the base WordPress Blogging System and is designed for beginners. I’ll let you know how I go because I have seen a surge in visitor traffic whenever I write about Blogging for Baby Boomers.

I’ll use the Features Category on this Blog to post how I am going with the new blog using ExpertWordpress.

Maybe I can generate traffic to a Blog about Blogging for Baby Boomers, (much more interesting than boring old investments don’t you think) since I am a Baby Boomer actually doing it, and at the same time feed those Baby Boomers into the Protect Your Nest Egg in Retirement blogs.

So I won’t give up just yet, I’ll change strategy and see how I go.

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  1. DOR says:

    I look forward to your contribution every day and have become an avid follower. Your site has given me a whole new defensive perspective on retirement funds and a very enquiring approach to off the shelf products. Its amazing, at times, to realise how little knowledge many of these sales people possess and how unscrupulous their advice sometimes seems. I appreciate your disappointment re site visits, etc. I will be disappointed when my daily read is curtailed. Thanks

  2. admin says:

    Hi D,

    Thanks once again for your support.

    I don’t intend giving up just yet.

    Maybe I’m ahead of the curve on this.

    I am just re-organizing the way I do things.



  3. Rita says:

    Hi David,

    Writing two blogs is no picnic. I launched The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide at in January. In April I became a reader blogger for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. My blog for the PI is called the Boomer Consumer. I post five times a week for each blog.

    In addition, I was asked to be a guest blogger weekly for Boomer411 in July.

    I’m a journalist and have worked as an editor for nearly 20 years. I have good writing skills that fit well with blogging. You may want to consider taking a couple of journalism classes at your local community college. It may help you write faster and shorter.

    I’m going to begin adding ads to my Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide Blog and working on ways to increase my readership. Wish me luck.


    P.S. I love photography and like to use photos on my blogs. Some readers have told me that photos pull them into the post. Photos fit well with my consumer topics, but may not be as easy to use with finance topics.

  4. admin says:


    Thanks for the advice.

    I’ll take it on-board.

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