Beware of Endless Subscription Renewal Notices with No Dates

In January 2009 I recommended signing up for the Morning Money Report which included the Money Map Report. The main reason for taking the subscription was you would get the book by Peter Schiff, “Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse”, for FREE.

I did sign up and my subscription started on 1st March 2009. I receivedMoney Map Report Subscription Renewal Notice Peter Schiff’s book within about 2 weeks I think.

As expected I began getting Money Morning Reports and Money Map Reports. Many were just sales pitches to buy more stuff but that was not a problem.

The problem was I began getting subscription renewal notices only TWO MONTHS after the annual subscription began.

I first got a renewal notice in May I think. In the second paragraph of the letter it said,

However,  our  records  indicate  that  your  subscription   is coming  up for  renewal  soon.  And  I’m sure  you’d  like to continue  enjoying  the  gains  realized  by following   the  recommendations    of  knowledgeable    insiders  who  are  constantly   following   the  money  all over  the world.”

So after just 2 months my subscription needed to be renewed! I’d call that forward financing at best 🙁

My records show I was only two months into my annual subscription period.

I thought it was a mistake so I emailed them,

“Sent: Friday, May 22, 2009 10:15 AM


Subject: The MoneyMap Report Subscription

Hi Customer Service,

I am a little concerned to receive a yearly subscription renewal for the Money Map Report within a few weeks of signing up for it.

Today I got a subscription renewal letter in the post. Apparently my “subscription is coming up for renewal soon”.

The letter fails to mention the date the subscription is due.

It was my understanding that when I subscribed I got 12 months of the Money Map Report as part of the deal.

So why am I being sent a renewal notice possibly 10 months before it is due and why is  there no information about my subscription on the letter?

Am I missing something here?


David Bates”

Their response was,

“Thank you for your inquiry. You will only receive another notice one month before your subscription expires.

Member Services ”

They failed to answer my request for the date of my subscription so I sent another email. Ian responded (with an email address from the,

“Your current subscription began on 3/1/09 and will expire on 2/10/09.”

And again added,

“We apologize for the early receipt of a renewal notice, you will not receive another one until one month before your subscription expires.”

I didn’t notice the second date was incorrect at the time. 🙁

Then in June I get another Renewal Notice with the same text in the letter as above. I sent another “please explain” email,

“Hi Ian, Members Services,

I have had a second subscription renewal notice dated 16th June,  sent to me despite being informed I should not get one until one month before my subscription expires.

I am a little suspicious now of why they are sent out within 7 and 5 months for the renewal date. Especially when there is no subscription date on the renewal form. It’s too easy to pay a second time. I’ll keep this renewal notice to compare with any future notice to ensure I do not have multiple accounts with Money Map.

Can I ask you again to ensure I get a renewal notice one month before it is due and can you please add the subscription anniversary date to the form, so subscribers are reminded of that date when paying?

Thank you.

David Bates”

I again requested the subscription dates be clearly stated on the renewal notice.

This time I got a response from Ryan who said,


Your subscription will expire on February 1, 2010, and I have set up your account to receive just one renewal notice before your renewal it due.

Thank you for your time,


Member Services”

Again my request to put the period of the subscription on the renewal notice was ignored so I asked again,

“Hi Ryan,

May I ask you to respond to my request below please?

It concerns me that the subscription renewal does not have the expiry date on it. It also appears there might be different organisations involved in chasing subscription renewals. So it does appear to me that subscribers can pay more than once unless they keep good records on their subscription services.


David Bates”

I got no response and just gave up.

But then despite being told I would only receive one renewal notice one month before it was due I have now received notices on August 16th 2009, October 12th 2009 and November 11th 2009.

This is downright annoying and poor service at best. I wonder if I did subscribe would the renewal’s keep coming?

It makes me suspicious too of why they would keep sending the renewals, even after telling me twice they would not do so.

I don’t appear to have got a renewal for December. Maybe they finally updated my record. But what about those people that have not complained?Are they still getting renewal notices every month from the date of their initial subscription?

Why are Subscription Services allowed to send out renewal notices WITHOUT the subscription renewal day printed clearly on them?

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