Baby Boomers – Personal Carbon Trading and Social Lending

I came across a great little report on Baby Boomers and the challenges we will face over the next 20 years.

What I found interesting was they mentioned ways for baby boomers to make some money out of personal carbon trading in the future and social lending now.

Many baby boomers want to reduce their carbon footprint and so getting paid to do it makes good sense.

Many Baby Boomers have cash and may want to look into the opportunity for social lending.

The report is called “Ecologies of Risk” and is published by Metlife’s Mature Market Institute. More information can be found at “How Boomers will confront, Impact & Adapt to the nest 20 Years“.

Briefly it talks about the three phases of how Baby Boomers will age over the coming decades.

  • Phase 1 – Metlife identifies 7 key topics that they say will shape the lives of Baby Boomers.
  • Phase 2 – 10 Action Types are identified that Metlife claim will show us how different baby boomers make different choices as they confront their future.
  • Phase 3 – Using the information from phases 1 & 2 they try to forecast how the world of Baby Boomers will unfold.

It’s only an eight page report but will certainly give you some food for thought.

Two curious things I never considered before are mentioned;

  • Personal Carbon Trading – Apparently there may be a way in the future to make some money out of your personal carbon footprint. Carbondaq – personal carbon trading personal carbon trading is one site mentioned.
  • Social Lending – By 2010 they expect social lending to account for 10% of the personal finance market. They mention the Lending Club as a place to start. First look at the site shows opportunities for baby boomers with some cash to lend.

Both these topics offer Baby Boomers the chance to get some extra cash and maybe with greater personal control and at a much lower risk than giving it to some wealth manager to “invest” for your retirement in managed funds.

Over the Christmas break it might be worth investigating some of the topics mentioned in the report especially the two above.

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  1. dk says:

    Thanks for the mention David!

    We believe that social lending is here to stay, and is a great way for boomers to diversify their investment holdings. We recently raised our rates as well as minimum FICO scores (now 660) on our borrowers to make sure we keep our lenders happy.

    Have a wonderful holiday


    Product Ambassador

  2. admin says:

    H dk,

    I think anything that can help boomers make an honest dollar and provide a service is great.

    Thanks for contributing to this post.


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