Baby Boomers – Is This Blog Giving You Any Value?

I thought it might be a good idea to review the blog and say how it is going. I have been concerned for some time that my blog may well be too narrowly focused.

Recently the theme has been almost a mantra – stay in cash, keep cash in the bank, don’t trust any financial institution. All very negative in a world that often only wants to hear positive things regardless of any reality.

Whilst I still believe this to be true at this time it begins to grate on you after a while.

Today one of my subscribers cancelled his subscription and was kind enough to make two comments on my blog.

The first was he did not have enough time to keep reading it. I had a comment sometime back from an experienced blogger who said my posts were too long and that I should try shorter posts.

The second comment was more appreciated. It was more critical but probably far more important too.

“Too focused on the same theme all the time”

This is absolutely true and is becoming a problem for me too.

The original idea of the blog was to promote my ebook. This was recommended by the blogging gurus to help promote ebooks and to get some credibility. It was reasonably successful.

But I found I was writing a post a day hoping to get my Google page ranking up and my keywords promoting me to the top of Google searches.

Both happened with limited success. But I reached a plateau on the number of visitors to my site. No matter what I did I could not get the daily visitors to increase after the first few months.

Whilst I have slowly added subscribers and Twitter followers (thanks to everyone), I would not say this blog is a success.

I did not expect to gain much of a following anyway since many Baby Boomers either don’t use the Internet, don’t use it to find information about Retirement, or have their head in the sand and hope the bad stuff will go away.

I also realised that a Baby Boomer with no formal financial qualifications and no network of financial experts to call on had an up-hill battle. 1 year trading futures, 10 years trading stocks and 2 years trading CFDs does not qualify it seems.

Perhaps naively I thought if my posts made sense then Baby Boomers would listen. Not true unfortunately. I’m swimming against the tide and don’t have the credentials to convince many Baby Boomers they need to take control.

Too many either don’t want to, or are afraid to take control preferring to leave it to their financial planner and just hope they have their best interests at heart. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I doubt whether “customer service” and “protection of their investments” is even part of the financial planners curriculum, not to mention business ethics and morality.

I spend considerable time searching the Internet, watching the cable financial channels and reading the papers keeping up with what is happening. But much to my disgust many articles in the newspapers are still pushing the wealth manager line of buy and hold, long term investment strategy.

Very few articles are critical of what has been done to destroy wealth. There are no villains it seems. The market did it. No one is to blame. No one is accountable. No one could possibly predict this. Don’t worry you will be okay in the long term. This is all mindless stuff.

Even now they tell you cash is bad for you and will stunt your financial growth. Then on the next page is another revelation about some fund manager making off with their client’s money, or some blue chip company running to the government asking to be bailout for gross mismanagement.

It is now obvious that the US government is making a virtue out of people admitting their “honest mistakes” and then appointing them to high office. This is just plain crazy.

Whilst places like Russia make no apology for who they appoint to run their corrupt country, America now seems to believe an open apology for passed transgression must be instantly accepted and rewarded. Who can you trust with this sort of thing going on and openly to boot?

Which brings me back even more to my constant theme. Try and keep your money in cash using your government’s guarantee as much as you can. Protecting your capital is the only thing they might actually do. It will take time for them to destroy it with inflation. But that is a far better option than giving it to wealth managers to destroy in 18 months as they just have done.

Isn’t anyone going to get mad at what is happening? We Baby Boomers should be marching in the street to demand our own bailout. We innocently gave our money to government sanctioned investment advisers. Doesn’t it offend you that they betrayed your trust and lost your retirement money? And now are out to destroy your bank savings too.

If I took your wallet and removed $200 from it, would you just idly accept it? No you wouldn’t. I’d be lucky if I didn’t get a punch in the mouth. Yet most of you just sit quietly by and let your nest egg be destroyed. Then without as much as a murmur allow your governments to bailout the very people that did it.

Get up and do something. Spread the word. If you think this blog has any merit, send a link to all your friends and insist they read it, contribute to it and get mad too. Become part of this blog’s community if you think it is of value.

6 Responses to “Baby Boomers – Is This Blog Giving You Any Value?”

  1. Paul says:

    ‘Perhaps naively I thought if my posts made sense then Baby Boomers would listen. Not true unfortunately. I’m swimming against the tide and don’t have the credentials to convince many Baby Boomers they need to take control.’
    David, Don’t be so hard on yourself, as I’m sure there are plenty of your readers who like me find you articles very interesting and the research you do is a great help to me as I don’t have the time to do it myself. And I have decided to take control, partly due to the information I have ‘discovered’ from your site. I’m in the process of setting my own self managed super fund so I DO have control on what happens to my hard earned nest egg! And without the previous fees and charges. This is a big step for me but I’m like you…very peeved at the mainstream fund managers and their style, and their continuing style and advice!
    So keep up the good work, you have plenty of faithful,silent readers. unfortunatly I guess we don’t make you any money though!
    Regards, Paul

  2. admin says:


    Thanks for your support.
    It’s good to hear you are taking control of your nest egg.
    At this stage money is not the issue. If there is value and I can get enough Baby Boomers to discover my blog that may come.
    My main aim is to try to make Baby Boomers more aware and more confident to take control of their nest eggs rather than leave it to a third party.


  3. Trevor says:

    I can’t speak for the baby-boomers, as I am in my mid 20s; that said, I really have enjoyed the content of your blog. I found you via BlogCatalog, and it’s nice to see other people out there posting this type of content. Finance is so important. Keep up the good work and I like forward to more of your stuff!

  4. admin says:


    Thanks for responding and for your kind words.
    Maybe I should consider opening up the blog to all investors?



  5. DOR says:

    I have your page bookmarked, check it every day and can honestly say that your “mantra” has been the most beneficial learning tool I ever came across. were it not for this, I would not be saying, OMG, if only …..

  6. DOR says:

    Apologies, the last sentence should have read, “Were it not for this, I would now be saying, OMG, if only …..

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