Baby Boomer should Cash-In on Big Retailer Discounts Now

It might just be time to consider replacing all the big ticket items as Baby Boomers settle into retirement. Right now there could be some crazy deals for cars, fridges, freezers, furniture Big-Screen TVs and more.

Retailers are in a squeeze between having stocked up for Christmas, having full staff to move the stock and wanting to get rid of that stock for Christmas.

This all helps us make our nest eggs go further.

So if you have some cash and your home is full of old white good or electrical goods go out and make a deal to replace them.

I just got myself a new 46″ LCD TV with a Blueray Surround Sound Home Theatre System and saved over $1,000 on the TV and $400 on the Blueray. Plus I got a bonus free Blueray Player with the TV purchase valued at $450. That has to be an inflation fighting deal right there.

I also purchased two other 40″ LCD TV’s and got two more Blueray players. One for my daughter and one for a friend. The sales guy showed me the price was $50 above cost for each of them.

I purchased a new carpet too which was discounted 20% off the already discounted price.

The retail shops are loaded up with goods to sell for Christmas. They have so much stuff it is being stored in the sales area. They want it gone by Christmas and are doing deal to make it happen. No one knows how things will be in January.

Apparently car manufacturers are offering bonuses to car dealers to move stock too. Dealers are offering discounts and accessories are being thrown in. If you have a car more than 5 years old maybe its time to replace it to take advantage of the low prices and added bonuses.

Our Fridge and Freezer are almost 18 years old now. They are still going well but the probability of problems in the next couple of years are high. I’m trying to convince my wife to get rid of them even though they appear to be working perfectly right now.

In Australia we have seen our dollar go from US 98 cents to AUS 64 cents in the blink of an eye 🙁

We may only have until Christmas or just after to take full advantage of the situation. The next shipment of goods after Christmas is likely to have been purchased with our highly discounted dollar. So Retailers will have to put up prices and accept lower sales, otherwise they may be selling at a loss.

After Christmas there is a good chance Retailers will have trimmed their staff, got their costs down and be able to make more margin on their stock.

So now is the time to take an inventory of all the home appliances and electrical goods and decide what needs replacing. Then with list in hand go to the retailers and get their best pricing on the lot.

Talk to your Baby Boomer friends and go en masse into the retail stores and negotiate the best deal you can. Retailers are keen to sell right now.

The bigger you can make the deal for them the more you are likely to get a bigger discount. That’s why I purchased three LCD TVs not just one.

I’m talking to Baby Boomer friends right now to try to get them to consider joining me in buying new stuff for the home. If we go shopping with a huge list comprising fridges, freezers, TVs we just have to get a good deal if it is a single sale.

I’m even considering buying a small 4 wheel drive because they are heavily discounted and carry manufacturers bonuses. If I can save $10K on these vehicles that pays for a lot of fuel. Since I now only fill up my tank every three weeks, fuel prices, even if they go back up to $146 a barrel are not going to hurt me too much.

I’ll try to time that purchase either at the end of November or December to hopefully catch a dealer who is chasing manufacturers bonuses and is prepared to discount more to get them and who also wants to get rid of 2008 stock.

I must do it before the industry down-sizes and reduces their costs and dealers reduce their floor stock.

I may get lucky, there might never be a better time with so much fear in the market right now.

Some dealers may be under pressure from their floor plan financiers like GE and GM, who I understand are withdrawing from the Australian car finance market.

I think it is in all Baby Boomers interests to upgrade their old domestic appliances, electrical equipment and car if they can in the next few weeks.

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