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How Do the World Bankers Get Obama Re-elected?

The question on most of the elite classes is how to get Obama re-elected. If they don’t and Perry gets the Presidency the financial house of cards is going fall. This assume Perry’s statements about treason and Bernanke are carried through.

The pendulum has swung as far as it can to the left and the debt binge is coming to an end. Bernanke it is now known has printed over $1 Trillion more dollars than was known and handing out to bankers all over the world. Helicopter Ben has been true to his word on the pretext of staving off deflation. The result is more and more debt that will need to be resolved.

How Banking Works Today?

Banking works today on the basis of collusion not competition between banks. The collusion is between banks and between banks and their central banks and between banks, central banks and governments. They are all feeding at the trough of public money to keep them living to the level to which they have become accustomed.

Why Bernanke is the Covert Obama Cheer-Leader

Bernanke needs Obama if he is to remain as head of the FED. President Perry or indeed some of the other potential Presidents will almost certainly replace him. The replacement will likely be someone who is not a Keynesian. Many in Congress led by Ryan  and including Ron Paul will be up in arms if Congress approves another Keynesian deficit spending economist to head the FED.

If Bernanke is replaced the food at the financial trough where the financial world comes to feed will be stopped. Then the elite know-alls will find they can no longer fool the people and their power will be lost. Other anti-Keynesian’s will be swept into power as the USA takes responsible action on its debt.

Bernanke has already started to assist Obama in his bid for a second term. The first thing was to tell everyone the interest rates would be on hold for 2 years. This takes it well past the November 2012 Presidential Elections and so Obama does not have to fight potentially rising interest rates affecting voters.

The next thing is to hold off as long as he can printing more money to prime the economy again after QEII has faltered. He may use other subterfuge to achieve his ends as QEIII may be unpalatable. But it will have the same effect of giving the impression the economy is growing. The trick is to do it in the run up to the election. It is all about timing.

Getting Rid of Keynesian Economics

Any new President of either persuasion will need to purge Washington of all Keynesians in high government places. If not then nothing they try to do will have any hope of working as it will be sabotaged using propaganda, good sounding arguments and down-right skulduggery.

The extreme Left will pull out all the stops to discredit any move towards reducing the debt and balancing the budget.

One thing the new President could do as soon as they get into office is get the tax system changed so all Americans pay tax, even welfare recipients and large companies. All Americans need to have a stake in the cost of running the country.

The Real Problem is not Bernanke in the Long Term

Bernanke is head of the FED and as such he wields power enough to move financial markets. This is just crazy. Putting so much power into the hands of one man who is not elected by the people or accountable to the Congress has lead to our present predicament. The same applies to the European Central Bank.

We need to broaden the decision making base not co-ordinate it, as the new head of the IMF is advocating. It is far better many people make smaller economic and financial decisions than having just one person do it, no matter how much they consult. Keynesian’s work at the macro level and want control and use flawed averages and good sounding indicators. Their only solutions are to ask for more control when their failed deficit spending does not work. They lament the stimulus wasn’t large enough or they need to create a world bank to achieve their ends.

There is redistribution of risk in many smaller decisions. Money is no different from any other commodity and should be subject to the market price.

If one nation messes up its economy then it should suffer the consequences and not be bailed out by financially responsible countries. Germany’s economy is going to be destroyed by the rest of the European Union if they do not watch out. Unfortunately like when they were blackmailed by the French into killing their currency, and taking the the Euro, in it’s place in the full knowledge that most of the countries did not meet the “strict” financial requirements, to become members of the European Union. The Euro was a political currency union not an economic one.

Why should Germans hand over their hard earned money to Greeks some of whom get paid by their government to go on holiday. Where is the sense of logic or fairness in that? And how will it change the Greek government or those Greek people who do indulge in this graft and corruption?

So whilst Bernanke is what is “Seen” about Keynesian Economics, all the debt and the refinancing of the debt and the bond sales forced on private banks and then guaranteed by central banks is “Unseen” by most of the people. Many people only look to their next government handout and the Elite know what is going on and are getting a piece of the action so they are happy.

It’s you and me, the hard working people who take responsibility for our lives and our retirement that will continue paying for the Elite and for the Welfare recipients until Bernanke and his ilk are thrown out. It’s the financial genocide of the middle classes.

You need to realise you can do everything right in your life but one single action by a FED Chairman steeped in the mysteries of Keynesian Economic Non-Theory can destroy it. If you are retired you have no hope of replenmishing your retirement nest egg if your government destroys the value of your money.

How Does Bernanke and the FED Destroy your Wealth?

There are several ways this is done and you should be aware of them:

  1. Continuing to support fraudulent Fractional Reserve Banking and encouraging banks to leverage up and loan until the bubble bursts.
  2. Having the right to print money regardless of any controls which eventually results in inflation which takes your wealth by stealth over time.
  3. Being part of the Presidents Financial Committee supposedly to help manage the economy when in fact it is an opportunity to collude and hide the financial truth from the people.
  4. Having to never account for their financial activities or produce a financial end-of-year report telling us what the FED has done with our money. And indeed how much they have printed that is directly responsible for inflation.
  5. Not supporting a Gold Standard which ties the Dollar to some measure of value and prevents printing money for political reasons.
  6. Have an agreed inflation target to actually reduce the value of your money each year by government decree.

Have you ever wondered why we have inflation targets?

The FED is charged with keeping inflation in check not eliminating it. In about 1930 some economist who’s name I can’t recall said that the FED should try to keep inflation between 2-3% to prevent deflation. You see, in a debt-driven economy that began around that time debt is the most dangerous thing you can have if deflation strikes. Ask those who have a mortgage worth more than their house. So this 2-3% target became a rule to abide by.

What it means is the government and the FED are sanctioning reducing the value of your savings by 2-3% every year if they manage to keep it in that range. In order to keep inflation going they print money. They can never know how much money to print to achieve their 2-3% target so it is a constant struggle and they have to come up with Nostradamus type quatrains to confuse us so we don’t know they are stealing our wealth. The second benefit is that your government can pay for itself with cheaper dollars and this results in a tax revenue windfall for the government.

Triple the Money Supply and No Inflation – Why?

In order for inflation to take effect money has to flow from the FED to the Banks, then Industry and finally to the people as wages and salaries. As that new money is absorbed into the economy if no new products are produced fast enough to absorb it, shortages will occur and prices will rise.

With triple the money now printed inflation has not occurred because the money is not flowing to the people. It is being cycled between the banks, chosen industries and the FED. The FED is paying interest to the banks to keep the Cash at the FED they should be lending out. This has never been done before. Okay, Oil prices are up and that is fueling (no pun intended) some inflation because those price rises due to speculation and a falling dollar are fed into the economy. But if the money in the economy has tripled between the Financial Crisis and now then surely if the economy has not grown the inflation should be sitting at 300% – simple maths 🙁

Much of the growth in GDP has been due to Obama’s massive deficit spending to create jobs and stimulate the economy. It has not been done by the private sector to any real degree.

So you can see why Bernanke has said no interest rate rise for at least two years. He knows if the economy ever turns around on his watch he is going to face the most massive inflation the US has ever known. The only tool he can use to really combat that is to raise interest rates despite what that might do the a growing economy. And he cannot do that in a Presidential election year.

Failure to do that could result in a major dollar crisis due to hyperinflation. Hyperinflation occurs when the people decide en-mass that they have no confidence in the currency. As soon as they get paid they will go and buy things, anything that might preserve its value and can be traded for something else they might want. When that happens Bernanke will be able to do nothing to stop it. Just asked 19th Century France and 20th Century Germany what that is like.

So it seems to me pretty obvious that Bernank’e future is very dependent on him helping to keep Obama in office. To that end the Jackson Hole meeting is the first meeting designed to get all the World Bankers working towards that end too. Remember Bernanke bailed them all out.

If they win and Obama gets a secnd term, your retirement nest egg will be in even more danger.








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