Should You Go Back Into the Stock Market Right Now?

This is just a quick post to let you know Financial Trend Forecaster, a web site I strongly recommend you subscribe to has released its FREE e-trends monthly newsletter.

Included is the Inflation Data web site updates. I digress but it is important. Key things are,

They claim we are in the second month of a deflationary environment and have written some articles on deflation and depression which you should rethe first time annual deflation has occurred since 1955ad.

Read their, “Current Inflation Prediction for 2009” and ensure you are aware of the trends. It states,

“Generally, it takes about 2 years for monetary stimulus to result in inflation so we could begin seeing massive inflation a year from now.”

If Deflation really takes hold it might be wise to gain an understanding of it and its potential affect on your finances. So consider signing up for the Elliott Wave Club for free and then download their free report, “Understanding Deflation“. Again whether you believe in Elliott Wave Theory or not is not the issue. You want information that promotes thought and can help you plan to protect yourself if deflation take hold.

Then I suggest you read the article, “How Does Inflation Affect You” to understand a little about Inflation if you are not sure.

As I have said before I like to follow the Financial Trend charts on when they think we should start investing again. That’s the real value for me.Not the time to be investing in stocks right now Right now they are indicating the answer is NO.

They have two charts they updated that show the rate of change of the NYSE and the NASDAQ. Neither chart is telling you to re-enter the markets yet despite the strong bear market rally.

With each newsletter they add a NYSE ROC current analysis article to their web page.

Also take a look at the NASDAQ current analysis. It almost crossed the ROC moving average but has turned lower which is not a good sign according to Financial Trends Forecaster.

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