Paper Money Collapse and Your Retirement Nest Egg

Paper Money Collapse is the title of a book by Detlev Schlichter that takes you through what paper money is and how the banking system, government and the financial institutions are all contributing to another financial crisis. All we do by printing money is push the inevitable financial collapse further down the road. It is inevitable that at some point there will be a financial reckoning where the debts are so huge that the financial system will not be able to sustain them.

Download  8 page Chapter Overview of Paper Money Collapse here:

The Paper Money Fallacy Chapter Outline

Here is a 48 minute video of Detlev Schlichter presenting the main themes in his book.

Why is it important to you?

Knowing how money is created out of thin air and how government, central banks and commercial and investment banks collude to expand credit to grow the economy can help you protect your retirement money to some extent. If the whole thing blows up all bets are off. But what may happen is a creeping death on the monetary system which will gradually deplete your retirement funds. And there may be more financial crisis that take the stock market down only to be rebuilt by more cheap printed paper money by governments to support the massive debts in the system.

In both situations your retirement nest egg is at risk through stock losses, devaluation of paper money, inflation, taxes, fees and charges to name just a few.

Knowing the business cycle can help you plan when to be in or out of equities. When you should keep your money safe (relatively speaking in bank accounts, gold or other lower risk asset.

Understanding the fractional reserve banking system and how banks can make themselves rich very quickly especially when given tax-payer money is essential for your survival. Follow the FED is no empty phrase. It is a vitally important to your financial well-being. The US FED really dictates how the rest of the world will behave financially.

No matter what governments do to fight the financial problems they will eventually fail and unless you can find a way to protect your retirement nest egg you may well lose much of it.

The World Bank, the IMF and the ECB are all players too, with the IMF making a quick run to become the World Bank with a slush fund of $1Tn which they call a firewall. This is rubbish. It is a bailout fund for countries that cannot pay their debts. The real issue is are European countries prepared to sacrifice their sovereignty for some IMF money. This is what will happen as a condition of any IMF loan.

Greece has overspent by 10% according to recent report and it has been suggested the European Parliament put in European financial managers. This is in fact an invasion of a sovereign country by any other name. I wonder what the Greeks will make of that despite their collective financial irresponsibility as a nation?

Anyway take a look at the video and it should give you a good grounding in our current monetary system and why we are in such a financial state. Understadning where paper money comes from may help you see where this financial crisis will end up. Don’t be one of the masses of people who put their trust in government to “do the right thing”, beleive that things are not that bad. Assume and pan for the worst situation especially if you have retired and cannot rebuild your retirement nest egg if it takes another big hit.







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