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John Maudlin is the author of Bull’s Eye Investing and has a successful website called, “Thoughts from the Frontline“.

I have been reading his articles for a while now and find he makes a lot of sense to me.

I’ve taken a few days off and am now busy in catch-up modimagee. Whilst I do that take a read of John’s latest article, “The Trend May Not Be Your Friend“.

If you like it subscribe to it, it’s free.

He also has a Free newsletter called, “Outside The Box” where he tries to,

“….get material that forces us to think outside our normal comfort zones and challenges our common assumptions..

It is normally a much more involved and detailed letter on the economy, the current credit crisis or other topical financial subject.

This week’s letter is from Hoisington Investment Management Company and is about the fact they think we will be dealing with deflation despite Bernanke’s attempts to re-inflate the economy.

It is heavy going but certainly is thought-provoking and meets the criteria set by John for his Outside The Box series.

I should be back to normal tomorrow.

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  1. Paulo Pires says:

    Excellent! Thanks.

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