Give Them the Wealth, Give Them the Wealth!

This is the battle cry of an ex. employee of the White House, Mr Van Jones. You can see the video below.

Give Them the Wealth – Van Jones

Mr Van Jones was referring to the American Indians when he made the statement, “Give them the wealth“. In an article on RBO here is what he said,

“our Native American brothers and sisters” who, he claimed, were “pushed,” “bullied,” “mistreated” and “shoved into all the land that we didn’t want.”

“Guess what?” Jones continued. “Give them the wealth! Give them them wealth! No justice on stolen land…we owe them a debt.”

I cannot comment on how well Native Americans have been treated over the years but I do know that they have the land. They have not created the technology for the solar collectors or the wind farms themselves. There are no research houses or factories on their lands producing solar collectors. But unless the US government has forbidden it 🙁 they can lease or sell some of the land to those that have the technology and the products to install. If they have their own money they can buy the technology themselves and build the renewable energy farms.

The Native Indians may get wealthy from such a proposition, and that would be a good thing. But what Mr Van Jones is implying is that they be given the technology and have someone else build the wind farms for them, all at no cost to them. This is to pay the debt owed to them. This is the meaning of “Give them the Wealth”. It is paying a debt he believes the current generations of Americans owe the Native Indians.

Regardless of the morality of such a proposition it will mean you will take yet another financial hit to your nest egg.

That means that those with money (Baby Boomers and others who may have saved their money) will be levied additional taxes and fees to provide the Native Indians with their wealth. This is not right because it robs innocent people of their wealth, include Baby Boomers with retirement nest eggs. Then gives it to another group of people, in this case the minority Native Americans who have not earned it.

Now more and more brazen things are being done in the name of fairness, the need to repay societies debt to various groups and the need to redistribute of the wealth.

More and more people with views like Van Jones are getting into powerful positions and there is very little opposition. There is no debate for you to even decide if that is what you want.

Make no mistake redistribution of the wealth will mean less wealth for everyone including Baby Boomers. The problem is Baby Boomers will not have time to rebuild their retirement nest egg for any losses due to wealth redistribution. It’s a tax by any other name.

The US seems to want to tilt to the Left and slide all the way towards socialism. From each according to his ability to each according to his need.

It seems the politicians that stand for Capitalism just don’t have the strength to fight this slide. The real problem is they don’t have a philosophy with which to fight it. They operate in a mixed economy not a capitalist economy. In a mixed economy those in government try to guess how much welfare they can get away with if they are Democrats and how much they can do away with if they are Republicans.

The Independents just wash around in the middle cherry picking which side offers the best deal based on how they feel at the time.

The trouble is both sides of politics agree they need to compromise on redistributing the wealth. It’s just a matter of degree.

The problem for Baby Boomer is that any increase in welfare of any kind in the end will have to come from taxing you. At some point the massive government borrowing will have to cease and it will be time to pay the piper. That means less money for you to invest. Not only that the aggregate money from the whole country that is available for investing will be significantly diminished and must lead to lower returns in the long run.

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