Baby Boomers – Do You Buy and Hold or Sell and Fold?

I came across a presentation by Steve Hochberg yesterday. It seems to be a question on all Baby Boomer lips today. Watch the “Buy & Hold or Sell & Fold” video excerpt.

Steve is the chief analyst at Regardless of whether you believe in Elliott waves or not his presentation provides information worthy of serious consideration.


The chart opposite may be a revelation to many. It shows the Dow’s real value based on ounces of gold from 1980 to now.

Looks like the great mutual fund investment experiment went backwards since 2000.

Elliottwave are on a promotion to get subscribers to their FREE newsletter.

To entice you they are offering to give you a “Credit Crisis Survival Kit” which includes,

  • 15 Must-Read Articles about surviving the credit crisis
  • Videos and Speeches to explain the credit crisis

It looks like things went parabolic to me just like Oil prices. You know when things begin going up vertically there is going to be one almighty crash.

The 15 articles are in the form of a slide show entitled, “Credit Crisis Survival Kit“. here is the Table of Contents,

You can either click on the article that interests you or use the slide show on line and progress through the presentation. I recommend you do the later so you get a full picture. As you proceed through the presentation there are other articles and excerpts of videos you can access by clicking on them. There is plenty to read and watch!

Don’t let your views on technical analysis or charting cloud your judgement until you take a look. Despite being one big advertisement for Elliottwave and Bob Prechter (Mr Elliottwave himself) there is good information there that you should know.

The ideas may even assist you in creating your own survival kit.

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