Protect Your Nest Egg by Staying Informed

Newsletters to Help Protect Your Nest Egg

In order to help you protect your nest egg it is vital that Baby Boomer stay informed about what is happening in the financial world and especially where politics and keynesianism interferes with that world. Your retirement plan may fail if you don’t keep up to date with the FED too.

Over the last two years I have been following several blogs and newsletters which I try to read on a daily basis to get a perspective on what is happening.

Two Newsletter to help you Protect Your Nest Egg in Retirement

I thought I might share  a couple of blogs/newsletters that you may find helpful in providing you information that should help you protect your nest egg in retirement.

John Mauldin’s “Out of the Box” newsletter is a must read in my view. He is well connected with many movers and shakers in the “financial space” as they say, and is always attending some meeting somewhere in the world about the financial markets. His newsletter include some brief commentary and then an in-depth article by one of his contacts.protect your nest egg with John Maudlin's newsletter Today his newsletter headline is, “ Restoring Fiscal Sanity in the United States: A Way Forward” and his guest article is written by David Walker an ex Comptroller General of the US who he said is on a mission across America trying to convince people of the danger of the American debt. David Walker gets right to the point,

“Our nation’s founders understood the difference between opportunity and entitlement. They believed in certain key values including the prudence of thrift, savings and limited debt. They took seriously their stewardship obligation to the country and future generations of Americans.”

If only our governments would stick to this simple idea you could protect your nest egg with ease.

Another site I subscribe to is FEE – The Foundation of Economic Education.

I like this site I get subscribe to their newsletter which includes links to several articles on their website. These articles are wide ranging but include both current topics in the news and their classic or older articles. Reading some of these articles has given me new perspective on things. Some of the articles are a revelation and shoBernanke's QE2 will not protect your nest eggw how much my thinking has been closed to rational ideas. By reading FEE you too may become much more aware of what the long term affects might be from politico-economic policies and protect your nest egg against its impact.

This month there is a great article entitled, “Quantitative Uneasiness”. For me one paragraph stood out,

“The critics of QE2 have pointed to two problems with the policy: First, the Fed is seemingly ignoring the key role that inflationary expectations play in its ability to effect a macroeconomic result. The Fed’s actions are reminiscent of the 1960s, when the Keynesian economic mainstream relied on the now-discredited Phillips Curve theory to control the economy. The Phillips Curve purported to show a stable trade-off between inflation and unemployment; therefore the policymakers needed only to increase inflation to lower unemployment to an acceptable level. It turned out that this only worked as long as people’s inflationary expectations did not change—but of course as inflation went up, inflation expectations followed, ultimately leading to increasing rather than decreasing unemployment.”

Protect Your Nest Egg by learning from history

If we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. Mr Bernanke was supposed to have studied the Great Depression and learned  from it. He should subscribe to FEE to gain a more objective perspective I think. Simply put once the public pick up that inflation is occurring, they change their behaviour to try to compensate. In order to protect your nest egg you might take out a loan to invest in a property. Then you might benefit from using “other people’s” money and any inflationary gains on the property value.

I subscribe to several more but time is limited and these two I scan regularly and often read the articles. Please let me know if you have any great blogs or newsletters you subscribe to. Use the comments area below this post.

I hope that by subscribing to these two newsletters, you can stay ahead of the curve and maybe protect your nest egg from all that crazy economics.

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