Baby Boomers – Learn How to Protect Your Wealth

I am a fan of Dan Amerman. He has a web site called, “Turning Inflation into Wealth” which I highly recommend. There is a FREE mini-course on it about that very subject.

Once you do the course I am sure you will become a fan too.

The one thing you should have learned from this financial crisis is you need to take control of your nest egg. In order to do that you must educate yourself on what happened and what is likely to happen in the future. Dan’s course, books and videos go a long way to assist you to do this.

I have written an earlier post on Dan under the topic, “Subprime Mortgage Market – The tip of the iceberg“.

I’m writing this post to let you know he has now created a special package that includes 6 books books and more importantly a complete video series of his highly successful workshop “Turning Inflation into Wealth Financial Crisis Edition”.

There is a full brochure on “The Complete Video Course

He also did a 45 minute interview with Jim Puplava from the Financial Sense website on Credit Default Swaps and Deflation. The email he sent me said the interview includes topics on:

  • Deflation Risk
  • Inflation Potential
  • separating asset deflation from monetary inflation
  • understanding credit-default swaps
  • the dangerous transformation of the Federal Reserve
  • Whether the Feds’ new credit lines are likely to trigger inflation, or are merely a replacement for money that was leaving the system
  • Will Your Wealth Survive the Crisis?

He has included several books in the package:

  • The Secret Power Within Your Mortgage
  • The Great Retirement Experiment: Contracts with our children
  • Real Estate, Retirement & Inflation Readings
  • Turning Inflation into Wealth Readings 1-18

The real meat of the package is the Four Core Topics all on video:

  • Understating the Current Financial Crisis & What is Ahead
  • Retirement Investment Survival Guide
  • Real Estate Arbitrage when Property Values are Falling
  • Advanced Strategies for Turning Inflation Into Wealth

I have no affiliation with Dan and do not get any financial reward from promoting his package. I just believe it is essential to planning your future in the new world order of finance.

Being informed and educated is the first line of defence to protect your nest egg and hopefully will allow you to take advantages of the situation to enhance your retirement nest egg when other Baby Boomers will just do nothing and lose their nest egg.

3 Responses to “Baby Boomers – Learn How to Protect Your Wealth”

  1. I think people are in true panic and do not know what to do. Their money is ebbing away, and they have many concerns for their future life. SO any information that has an upside to it is very valuable.

  2. DOR says:

    Hi David,
    I check your excellent website daily and again thanks for sharing all that wisdom. I checked out that Dan Amerman site and wonder if you had purchased the DVD course etc and if so would you recommend it? Also, is it as relevant to markets outside the US
    Regards and thanks,

  3. admin says:


    Thanks for your kind words and it is nice to hear from you again.

    I sent an email to Dan about the relevance to other countries.

    His comment was some Australians had bought the real estate and inflation material and found them helpful. He said there were some differences regarding the maximum available terms.

    I am waiting for him to tell me about a Website set up for Australia which should be ready this week. I am hoping he will have more information on how relevant it is internationally.

    I’ll make a post about it as soon as I know anything. I am seriously looking to purchase the package anyway for the inflation fighting content.


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