Is Blogging Worth the Effort for Baby Boomers?

The most viewed post on this blog is the one I did on Should Baby Boomers Start an Internet Business in Retirement. I thought it was a good idea and said so. I didn’t expect it to be my highest rated post on this blog though.

So I thought I might write a Post on my experience so far with this blog and what I am hoping to achieve with it. It might help other Baby Boomers decide if they want to start their own blog.

I have spent some considerable time on the Internet over the last two years. I have purchased products for Pay Per Click Adwords Income generation, Affiliate Marketing, Leads generations and Adsense Web sites and Blogs. I have asked for refunds for about 50% of the things I purchased and apart from my first and only major disaster with Stores on Line which cost me about $14,000 I have always got a refund.

Despite my Stores On Line experience it whetted my appetite for the Internet as a place to develop a business. But I always wanted to do something I believed in passionately. So whilst they will tell you to do your keyword research and chose a niche which has reasonable traffic I chose for my first serious site Baby Boomers in Retirement. I’ll admit it is hard going but I believe in the message am trying to get across to other Baby Boomers about the need to protect their nest egg in retirement. (blatant plug here – So spread the word and tell your friends if you find my Blog of value). I am also enjoying writing my posts and researching stuff I would do for my own retirement investing anyway.

I also believe Baby Boomers will start to become aware of the potential problem to their nest eggs and I hope my Blog will become an authority they can use to protect them. Any Baby Boomer considering Blogging need to aim for authority site status in their chosen niche.

Anyway back my blogging experience. With all the research I realised my niche was not going to be easy. Baby Boomers and Weight Loss might have been a whole lot easier. (There’s an idea for someone) The one thing that Blogging offered me was something I could do that gave me a challenge and allowed me to try and build something that might be of value in the future. A Blog is an ideal platform from which to do that. It costs very little to set up and then it is really a matter of how well you can market it yourself and how much stamina you have to keep going. Choice of a niche is very important but I believe persistence and dedication are more.

Don’t expect to make money from your niche in the first month, maybe even the first year, unless you are lucky. You have to gain trust first with good content that your visitors value and keep coming back for. That can take some time to do.

Persistence is important as I said before. I have written a Post almost every day since 1st April and many have involved considerable research. You need to ask yourself will you be able to write a 400-1000 word post every day for at least 60 days just to get some visitors to your site so you can see if your niche will work. So Websites that say you can make $150,000 a month are to be ignored.

My own experience is this. I started the Blog on 1st April 2008 😉 Yes April Fools Day I thought it was appropriate.

This is my visitors per month report:


My keyword research told me it was not going to be easy. But I think it is a credible effort going from 16 visitors a month to 1,045 in less than three months. I’m sure many Internet Marketers will fall about laughing at those results. But I did it through all my own efforts and without paying for any advertising.

One thing to note is how very quickly visitors number can grow. What if I started with 1,000 visitors in my niche and it increased as in the table above I’d have about 67,000 visitors a month. That is a site you can definitely monetize.

Do you know how incredible it feels when someone on the other side of the world whom you may never meet reads your Blog post and sends you an email saying how much they enjoyed reading it or how they used the information to help them in their retirement plans. Better still is when they subscribe to your blog to get your new posts delivered to them.

I have not paid for any advertising up to this point. But the results show me that I might reach a wider audience if I can seriously increase the number of visitors and get my message out there to Baby Boomers.

So I have decided to put up something called a Squidoo Lens. Simply put this is a single page web site that point to this Blog and hopefully will bring me more visitors. I’m using Jennifer Ledbetter of PotPiedGirl for a fee $125.

I have also asked an expert at RSS to help me promote my Blog through RSS to various top syndication sites throughout the Internet. Olga Farber Becker from rss-submission-service is doing this for me for a fee of $190.

I have invested this money now because I believe I have enough good content on my Blog to be of value. Time will tell.

Sometimes things come out of the blue. I cannot give the details yet but a major Internet and Magazine publisher has invited me to join a network of blogs they are putting together and promoting as Blogs worth visiting for financial and business information. I hope to be able to say more next week. So I must be doing something right.

How long does all this take? It takes a lot of time initially. Luckily I am in semi retirement and run my computer consultancy business from my home. Remote access allows me to support my clients remotely most of the time. So this frees up much of my time to do other things. I have to research most of my posts because I am not an expert and need to use proper references for things I write about. I don’t want to write or say anything on the blog that is not backed up with a reference from a recognised expert. That takes time. A Post can take me several hours to prepare sometimes. But I enjoy doing it. I am getting faster at Post production as I develop a system for researching, cutting and pasting, capturing pictures and then writing an original post based on the information I gather.

Once you have your Post on your blog you will need to do some social bookmarking to get it noticed. I’ve not been too good at this. Most of these social sites need you to spend time on them to make friends and join in the group discussions. They are great for extroverts who love to put themselves out there. I find this quite hard to do, but I’m getting better at it. It is very time consuming with very little return initially.

If you decide to Blog you must allow yourself plenty of time to do it and to do the social marketing too especially when starting out. You need to populate your site with good content in the first 60 days so it looks like it has been up for a while.

You can get content written for you or on some topics you can purchase pre-written articles you can generate blog posts from. But I want my site to be all original content. It also helps me get to understand more about my niche if I want to be an authority on it. To me this is all about integrity. If it is not your content where is the integrity in that?

This blog does have an eBook for sale on it. In hindsight I probably made a mistake trying to sell it from day one. I knew the Internet works on the basis of ‘pay it forward’ where you need to give first in order to receive. But I thought my eBook information was so valuable Baby Boomers would fall over themselves to get it. Plus I had put so much time into it I thought I deserved some compensation. Well, it doesn’t work that way. A few people have purchased my eBook and I hope they are finding it valuable. It’s a lesson in the need to build more trust before asking people to buy something.

In the meantime I will continue to research the Internet and other sources to find good content that is appropriate for my niche of how to protect your nest egg in retirement and post it for free on my Blog.

Despite all the time it takes to blog and try to make friends I do believe it is worth it. But you really do have to commit a large chunk of your time when starting out.

If you have any comments I’d welcome them. If you like this post about blogging and want more as I develop my blog let me know. If you want to know how I set up my blog let me know too. I’m happy to tell you how I have set up my blog.

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  2. Amy Sherman says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog explaining how you got started. I am also new to blogging and to internet marketing. I am doing it PT, as I have a full time job at this time, but I’m planning for my future and want to create some passive income for when I retire. My blog is for Parents and their Teens and I have a website, also for boomers, but dealing with the psychological issues they are coping with as they age. I guess I just want to share that the most important thing for me is developing the relationships and gaining trust from my subscribers. My list keeps growing daily (maybe not as fast as I’d like) and I’ve sold several copies of my ebook and I am learning new aspects of attracting business every day. Again, your blog was very helpful, so thanks. Check out my website

  3. admin says:


    Thanks for the nice words. I appreciate it. I checked out your Blogs and for a part-timer you have put in considerable effort.

    I wish you success on your way to a passive income.


  4. Liked this blog a lot, and think it basically takes more patience, hard work, research than actual dollars..Just started to market my book “For Kids 59.99 and Over” and eventually want to develop some downloads for people to get free and dev. newsletter list.

    Your writing is helpful for all of us

    carol stanley

  5. One more thought……I think social sites are great but real honest to goodness networking and helping each other has to be addressed.


  6. Cathy Warren says:


    I agree that networking is important, provided it is genuine and helpful.
    Our new web site is evolving into such a site.
    People helping people reinvent themselves through networking.
    It’s founder, Bob Brewster, is motivated and inspiring.

    Cathy Warren

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