Blogging For Baby Boomers – A Blogging Baby Boomer Update

I have written two posts on blogging since starting this Blog on 1st April 2008. Both were very popular. I also know that many Baby Boomers are interested in Blogging for themselves. It might be just for interest or in the hope of making a residual income. But there is a high level of interest there.

So how am I doing after almost 4 mouths and how do I feel about it?

I broke the first rule of blogging – research your niche market BEFORE you spend too much time getting your blog going. It came about because I did about three months research into how to protect my nest egg in retirement and ended up with enough information to put into a book to sell as an eBook.

So I decided to put up a sales page and try and sell my eBook. I read that a blog can help sell an eBook and came across Web20Wealth from Alex Sysoef which made it very easy to get a WordPress Blog up and going. (Alex is about to release an automated WordPress Blogging System which I will write about for those interested)

My blog was part of my mission to get my message out to Baby Boomers about taking control of their nest egg. I decided I was going to do it anyway. I naively thought Baby Boomers would immediately see the need to take control and it would be an easy sell. I was wrong and still am. But there is a slowly rising level of interest and I expect it to grow as more and more Baby Boomers actually retire. So I am hoping my niche market will gradually get more and more visitors.

I really only had some vague ideas of what my keywords would be and how I’d go about securing them. I had spent quite a lot of money using Google Adwords to advertise some smoke alarms I was selling some time back. but it was not very successful. I really felt I did not want to spend more money on Adwords on a blog and eBook I had not even done proper research on.

I stumbled across the term social network marketing and found Jack Humphrey’s website – Social Power Linking. I joined this site and found some great information.

I managed to get onto his free webinar 16 Steps which was all about how to promote your blog through free social marketing (FaceBook, Technorati, Bloglog, Digg and many others).

So I spent considerable time filling out my profiles on many social sites and trying to find the time to contribute and not just promote my own blog posts.

Let me say it is very time consuming, but it seems it is beginning to pay off slowly. However I am not good at doing this and will need to work harder at it or outsource this job.

Another thing I have just started is article marketing using an article marketing service. I submit an article version of my posts and they push it to many article web sites.

I’m not an expert on measuring my blog performance but using some of the performance tools I can get some idea of my progress. Results so far:

Alexa Ranking is 1,136,106. It was 1,832,264 in June.

Google Page Rank has just clicked over to 2/10. (They tell me 3/10 is good if you can get there).

Visitors per Month is probably one of the most important statistics that keeps me going 😉


As you can see it has been going up consistently so far. It’s a great motivator when you write a post and see your visitor numbers increase. But these results are not that good. It is not a popular niche yet.

The most surprising thing is that my keywords are rating well now. Keywords for those who are new to this are phrases typed into Google by people looking for information. You need to try and use them in your posts and in your post titles in order to get your post displayed higher in the search engines.

It is no secret one of my keyword phrases is “avoid large losses”. A search on Google shows:


As you can see I am first and second for this phrase out of 68,900,000 searches That’s not bad!

For the phrase “avoid large losses in retirement” I am 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 9th and 10th out of 478,000 searches.

Several of the positions are from social network and bookmarking sites, but they still end up pointing to my post.

Jack Humphrey says you should try to do one quality post a week and for the rest point to other blogger’s posts or topical news items. I have not followed that advice though. I have tried to write a quality post every day since I started this blog. I have now published 91 posts. It is hard work, make no mistake about that. Nearly every day I have sat down and written an original post. I tell you this so you may think about what you might need to do if you intend writing a blog.

A Blog is an interactive web site where visitors can add comments and hopefully raise the quality of the information provided. Comments are the life-blood of a blog. This is what you strive for. But I’m not doing too well at getting people to comment. It may be that Baby Boomers are not as confident, or fearless as our kids who are prepared to bare all (sometimes literally) on FaceBook and the like. I don’t know, but it is an area I really have to work on. Once you can get visitors to comment regularly they become part of your blog community and they attract more visitors and help increase your blog traffic.

I spend anywhere from an hour to several hours putting a post together. Some of the most detailed posts have taken more than a day. I can then spend about 30 minutes or more promoting it to social network and bookmarking sites. Plus I have to promote other peoples posts and news item to the same social sites so as not to be seen just promoting my own stuff. I tell you this because it is not easy. However if you can see your blog making progress it is very satisfying.

What is more satisfying though is some of the feedback I get from people who read my blog. Most send me an email rather than comment on my post, but it is most appreciated.

There are also several unexpected benefits:

  • I have struck up some great email conversations with people in different parts of the world I have never met.
  • I’m meeting some of my blog visitors who live in Sydney for coffee and a chat.
  • I was invited by Forbes to become part of their Business and Financial Blogging Network.
  • I have had articles written about me in the Australian Financial Review and the Sydney Morning Herald.
  • I’ve been asked to interview a well known Financial Commentator in the USA and that should be completed soon.
  • I have been approached by a TV station to be interviewed about the current problems with the market and the return on retirement funds. I hope to do that this week.
  • Writing about protecting your nest egg in retirement is helping me think through the issues about my own retirement more clearly.
  • All this has happened in just four months.

One thing to note is I am generally a very private person and do not seek the lime-light. But the experience I had with the Wealth Management Industry scared me to death when I realised my nest egg could disappear and they had no responsibility to protect it. So I decided I would start a blog knowing if I do it right it is a level playing field with those wealth managers even with their big budgets. Using social marketing, quality posts and article marketing I am determined to get to the top of the Google search engines in front of them.

Baby Boomers might then read what I have to say first and arm themselves before they let the wealth management industry take most of their hard-earned nest egg through stock market losses, high fees and charges.

Despite the long hours I have had to put into this blog I very much enjoy what I am doing right now and will continue for the foreseeable future. If any of my readers are thinking of blogging you should know it is hard work. There are ways to make it easier by outsourcing post writing and other methods but I want this to be my blog and my words. It’s all original content and that is why I believe my Google Ranking is increasing.

If I can get higher rankings it can lead to more people visiting my blog and reading my posts. If they see the benefits and come back my traffic will increase. If it increases I may be able to sell some advertising space on my blog. Or I may be able to sell more of my eBooks, Web20Wealth or Social Power Linking or other products.

At the same time I am doing what I wanted to do, informing Baby Boomers about stuff they are not told by their financial planners, so they can protect their nest egg in retirement.

If you are considering blogging do you see where this can lead if you have the patience and the long term view? You just have to find a good place to start and get the right tools and information. I spent considerable time researching the Web for the right tools before I started my blog.

5 Responses to “Blogging For Baby Boomers – A Blogging Baby Boomer Update”

  1. David, Besides your helpful money management advice… the advice on keywords is very important. And we all have lots to gain having knowledge about this. I am still working on understanding the language. Always enjoy reading your blog…and check back often…I appreciate your putting me on your blogroll. ALso my book “For Kids 59.99 and OVer” will be released September 1….I would love a testimonial from you for my website…if you wish…Carol Stanley

  2. Rita says:

    Hi David,

    I started blogging in January for boomer consumers. I have a huge advantage in that I’m a journalist in addition to having training in consumer economics. I know how to write short articles, write interesting headlines, edit, and proofread.

    Also, writing about consumer topics gives me a wide variety of subjects to write about.

    Like you, I’m getting on the first page of Google searches for a number of the things I’ve written about: cutting food costs, selecting a roofer, plastic surgery, wrinkle cream, prescription drugs, clutter, and many others. I’ve done this without using theming. However, a friend is going to show me how to do this.

    I’ve just joined Stumble Upon, a social Web site. I’ll be monetizing my blog soon.

    My main blog is The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide at

    A couple of months ago I started a second blog called the Boomer Consumer for the Seattle Post Intelligencer at I’m a reader blogger, so I don’t get paid. It’s helping me to become more well-known.

    I just started being a weekly guest blogger for Boomer411.

    So, I’m writing 11 blogs a week. That’s a lot to do. I’ve done a couple of e-mail interviews. I think I’ll do more of those. It’s much faster than doing an interview over the phone, then needing to create the interview from your notes.

    See my post yesterday on my Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide blog. I interviewed Ed Morrow the lead author for “Put Your House on a Diet.”

    I think you’re making good progress. Your numbers are going up. However, I’d take Jack Humphry’s advice and write shorter posts, linking to other articles. Readers like short posts on the Internet.


  3. admin says:

    Hi Carol,

    Send me a reminder when your book is out and I will take a look at it for you.

    Thanks for your comments.



  4. admin says:


    Thanks for the detailed response and the good advice.

    My Posts are long but my topics seem to need a decent length to write about. I’ll see if I can reduce them a little and write more tighter content.

    You must be very busy writing for 11 blogs too. As you know it is not just the post that matters but then you have to market the post too. So it is time consuming but hopefully regarding in the end.

    Good luck with your blogging.



  5. Rita says:

    Hi David,

    How is your blogging going? Are you making progress?

    I just visited your site and read my message of July 29, 2008.

    I wasn’t clear. I’m writing 11 articles a week, not 11 blogs.


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