Baby Boomers – Free Report on What if You Retired in 2000?

It’s taken some time but I finally finished it. My FREE Report on “What if You Retired in 2000?” is my personal attempt to try and found out how a $1M nest egg would have performed under four different scenarios from 2000 to 2007.

It taught me a lot about how money works in retirement. I was shocked at how hard it was to get back money lost in the Dotcom crash whilst taking a pension.

The Report includes my detailed analysis of four IfYouRetiredin2000Report scenarios and includes the spreadsheets from which the report is draw. The spreadsheet can be downloaded and used by Baby Boomers to learn for themselves the lesson of avoiding large losses in retirement as well as several other useful lessons.

What I believe makes my report different is it is from a Baby Boomer perspective and includes real S&P 500 Market returns from 2000 to 2007 as well as real inflation rates. The results using these real figures are compared to the financial industry favorites of long term average market returns and assumed inflation rates.

The results may shock you. But I would prefer that you use it as a spur to action to get control of your nest egg. (click on the picture to download the FREE Report)

The Wealth Management industry use a well known cliche “If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail” to help try and sell their investment products. The vultures are circling because figures show 77 Million Baby Boomers control around $40 Billion. Its too good to miss. Here is a quote from an article on Insurance Journals web site.

“While helping clients accumulate wealth will always be an important role, planners who only think about wealth accumulation will miss their piece of this $40 trillion pie today and in the future.”

“Affluent Boomers are on the cusp of shifting their emphasis from wealth accumulation to preservation. And that moment is precisely when savvy financial planners have a golden opportunity,” added John Gotta, president and CEO for The Lincoln National Life Insurance Co. (Lincoln Life).

Let me state again though there are financial planners who are not sales people pretending to be financial planners. You just have to find them quickly because your nest egg will soon become a target for a financial planning feeding frenzy.

Please note I am not a professional financial advisor or planner, just a concerned Baby Boomer. I believe the information in my report is valuable and all Baby Boomers should take a look.

I used $1M as a nest egg in my examples but the spreadsheet allows for any amount as well as allowing you to change the values for six parameters. I wanted to make it as easy as possible to see the affect of fees, inflation and a pension on a nest egg through a recent and severe bear market. And I wanted to see how it would affect a nest egg if I had retired on January 1st 2000, the beginning of the Dotcom crash.

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